AP Testing Aftermath

APs have ended and now all the students can finally relax. This year, I had my AP Bio and AP English exam. I didn’t really study for english because there wasn’t really a way to study besides learning big words. I studied for bio a lot. I read over the concepts, the labs, and the projects I did in the past. I was nervous because my bio test was first. I guess I didn’t have to be that nervous because I felt pretty confident that I passed with at least a 3. English on the other hand, I didn’t study and I’m pretty sure I’m on the borderline of a 2 or 3. I’m just hoping that the people that grade my test give me mercy.

Now that testing is over, I can relax in bio because there’s nothing else to learn. We have finished one movie about heart surgery and we just finished watching Interstellar yesterday. I didn’t watch the beginning but it is still a really good movie. English however, we are still doing work. We just started Catcher in the Rye and I’m a little behind but it’s a good book. I’m hoping to catch up this weekend. We are doing a College and Career Project where we write our resumes, respond to the UC entrance essay prompts, and write our goal statements. I kind of have trouble with it but I can manage getting through this project. Other than those two classes, everything’s pretty normal. Even though AP testing may be over, the classes might not be.

AP BIO PICMichelle



I have learned over the years that procrastinating is kinda dangerous. Your grades are on the line. And yet, I still do it. Everyday. It’s in my nature. But mostly, I don’t have the time to do all my homework everyday. As soon as school ends, I get driven to my parents’ shop until 4:30. Once I get home, I have to do some chores until I can actually start my homework. When I do end up starting, it’s about 7 in the afternoon. So, it’s understandable that I don’t do all my homework in one night. I usually end up doing my AP bio homework first because, to me, it seems like the most important class. By the time I finish bio homework, it’s 8 and I move onto some english. I usually don’t end up finishing english homework though. Then, in the mornings, I do my spanish homework. I never do math homework during the week, I let them pile up until the weekends, then I do them all. This causes problems though, whenever there’s a english quiz or a math quiz, I usually end up doing badly because I don’t do my homework/don’t finish my homework. Sometimes, I get lucky and end up not doing too badly on the quizzes. Other times, when I have absolutely no idea what the answer is, I draw a cat (named Martin) and put sorry under him. I have been trying recently to at least finish english homework instead of doing just half of it but it’s really hard. But at least I’m trying.martin


That’s Life

Today was my first weekend lab for AP Bio. We did it on a weekend because there isn’t enough time during one period to do the lab so we had to come in either Saturday or Sunday to do it. I went today, Sunday. The lab took 4 hours long. It started off well. What we basically had to do was:

1. Put the DNA samples into little tubes with enzymes to cut up the DNA.

2. Incubate it in a hot water bath for an hour.

3. Make the gel for the electrophoresis part of the lab.

4. Put the DNA samples into the gel.

5. Run the electrophoresis machine.

We did all of these steps right and we were on track to end our lab at the exact time it was intended to end. But then came along step 6:

6. Take the gel out of the electrophoresis machine and put it in a tray.

This was the downfall of our 4 hour lab. Everything we did in the past four hours came down to this and it ended horribly. What actually happened was:

6. Attempt to take the gel out of the machine, only for it to slip and fall on the table.

At first, we thought, “Oh it’s fine, it’s just slightly bent, everything’s okay we can just pick it up and put it on the tray.” But then it got worse:

The gel snapped in half.

Everyone in my group just stood there for a while trying to process what just happened. Once we processed it, we tried to pick up the two pieces and put it on the tray. In the process of picking up the first piece:

It snapped in half again.

Now not only did we break the gel once, we broke it twice. Once we finally put the gel pieces in the tray, we tried really hard in pushing them together so it looked like it was still intact. After we put the tray in a safe spot so it can sit for 24 hours, we all started laughing. We all thought, “What were the odds that we would be that group.” Nobody was angry, we just figured what’s done is done. I was the one that was laughing the most; I laughed the whole car ride home. I don’t really know why but I found the whole thing hilarious. But I guess that’s life. Sometimes you work really hard only for it to fail in the end. But it’s okay because you get a good laugh out of it. I think that if I had the choice of going back in time to change it so the gel wouldn’t break, I wouldn’t because it was freaking hilarious. Sometimes you just got to find the good things in bad situations to make everything better.

Here’s the gel just in case you guys wanted to see it


Passionately Passionate About Having a Passion

I have never been passionate about anything. And when I say passionate, its not this –  Oh my god, I can’t wait for this movie to come out!, or I swear to God Iman (my sister) I’m going to hurt you if you don’t give me back my phone – kind of thing. Its the passionate that lasts more than a week, a month, few years. And I have never had it. I mean, I’m not going to go as far to say that I’m not driven. Because I am. I want things, and so I do my best to get them. But I never wanted something so bad that I would spend years trying to achieve. Well, I guess not until now.

People always ask me what I want to be. This question is so reoccurring, I distinctly remember being asked this on my first day of preschool when I was just five-years-old. Off course then the answer would be, “I want to be just like my mom and dad” or “I want to be the President of the United States”. There was a time where I wasn’t satisfied holding just one occupation, so I would compile a list in my head of all the things I want to be, so when some one inevitably asked I would say, “I want to be: A firefighter, a police office, a detective, a singer, an actress, a soccer player, a psychologist (my moms job), a teacher, a doctor…” and the list goes on. Then came middle school, where all my innocent dream jobs started to slowly evaporate. I went to a private middle school you see, and they were very strict. They gave me about the same amount of homework I have as a junior in high school taking mostly advanced classes. The school and my teachers would drill in me this idea of high school and the ‘real’ world. How hard it would be, how difficult the classes would be, how different the people would be and so on. Most of us never went to a public school, so the only knowledge into the public education system was what our school taught us. When ever I would complain about my work load, my teachers would always remind me that it would be ten times harder in high school. They said that I had to have really good grades in order to have a good life and good job.

Not that my private school was bad or anything. They just prepared us. I remember talking to my cousins who go to a public school and the only time they would have homework was on Fridays, and even then it was hardly any homework. It was really hard to wrap my head around that, trust me. Because I would always ask myself the question, why didn’t their teachers prepare them for the outside world. Well anyways, in the midst of all the preparation, the idea that I could be what ever I wanted started to fade away. I used to always believe that if you wanted to be something, you can be it. Simple as that. But off course, that isn’t the case, so I became really confused. Everything that my parents were telling me, everything I believed in, and everything my teachers were telling me were started to clash miserably. Now that I think about it though, I think both parties were at fault with their information. The parties being my parents and my teachers. My parents would assure me that I could be what ever I wanted. It was always that easy. And my teachers would tell me that life was never that easy. That I had to be exceptional. One understating the situation, and the other over exaggerating. So when I finished middle school, I had no idea what would become of me.

Then I entered high school. And it was a whole different ball park. Suddenly I had so many options. So many different classes to choose from, extracurricular activities to take. It was, simply put, crazy to say the least. I had my own counselor that can guide me through my confusions, explain to me my options in clear terms. I had teachers that would offer to help me after school or at lunch if I needed help with my studies. And we also had these conferences -for lack of better word- every semester to explain to us what courses we needed to take in order to graduate and get into good schools. And amid my studies I found that I loved biology. I loved how the human body works. The complexity masked with such elegant simplicity. And from there I started to venture all the things related to biology. As I mentioned, my mom is a psychologist so she deals a lot with humans and how they they think. She recommended this show called Grey’s Anatomy and I instantly fell in love. But I did’t fall in love with the show the way most everybody falls in love with shows (because of its plot line)… well I did a little. But the major reason why I fell in love with the show was because of all the science. So much biology, it was amazing. And all of a sudden, I found my interest. I wanted to be a surgeon. Passionately. And I still do. grade pic