Actions VS Words

There’s the common phrase, “Actions speak louder than words.” People can say that they love you but it isn’t as effective as showing that love. Showing that love could be opening doors for the person, making them food, or playing with their hair. People can be total hypocrites. Where they say they hate it when someone does something but go and do the thing they just said they didn’t like other people doing. My class has just finished reading Catcher in the Rye and the narrator, Holden, hated the movies. He didn’t like the actors because they were “phony” and anyone who watched the movies were also “phony”. Yet he went on a date with Sally to the movies. People can say that they can do something and brag about it but when it comes to a point where they actually have to do it, they chicken out. Holden always talked about how he could fight and would always win. When a guy that was in charge of the hookers showed up at his door demanding the rest of the payment, Holden refused to pay. This resulted in a fist fight in which Holden got beaten into a pulp. He said that he could fight but didn’t even try when the other guy was throwing him punches. You can say things but they won’t mean as much as what you do to prove those words. Actions do speak louder than words.

catcher in the rye



AP Testing Aftermath

APs have ended and now all the students can finally relax. This year, I had my AP Bio and AP English exam. I didn’t really study for english because there wasn’t really a way to study besides learning big words. I studied for bio a lot. I read over the concepts, the labs, and the projects I did in the past. I was nervous because my bio test was first. I guess I didn’t have to be that nervous because I felt pretty confident that I passed with at least a 3. English on the other hand, I didn’t study and I’m pretty sure I’m on the borderline of a 2 or 3. I’m just hoping that the people that grade my test give me mercy.

Now that testing is over, I can relax in bio because there’s nothing else to learn. We have finished one movie about heart surgery and we just finished watching Interstellar yesterday. I didn’t watch the beginning but it is still a really good movie. English however, we are still doing work. We just started Catcher in the Rye and I’m a little behind but it’s a good book. I’m hoping to catch up this weekend. We are doing a College and Career Project where we write our resumes, respond to the UC entrance essay prompts, and write our goal statements. I kind of have trouble with it but I can manage getting through this project. Other than those two classes, everything’s pretty normal. Even though AP testing may be over, the classes might not be.

AP BIO PICMichelle

What’s Going On

So I recently came across an article by Kate Murphy and in the article, she talked about what she was doing in the moment (like what’s she listening to, watching, reading, etc) and I decided to do the same.

READING. Well, I am currently reading Jovie and Bash by Kiara London on the Wattpad app. Wattpad is a website where anyone can post their stories and if they’re really good, they get published. When stories are put up on Wattpad, they are put up chapter by chapter, not all at once. In the book, Jovie is a high school girl living in a small town. She was kind of a mistake because her mom, they mayor, had a one night stand with a guy, Henry, and then Jovie happened. Bash is a college student that works at the library. Jovie is quiet and tries to keep everything in her life orderly. Bash is loud and spontaneous. When they meet, Jovie is scared to be with Bash because of her parent’s relationship. She then decides to take the chance. That’s all that’s happened so far because I’m waiting for the next book.

Watching. Currently, I am obsessing over Bones. Bones is a show that solves crimes like CSI. I love it mostly because of what happens between the characters, not really the crimes themselves. I loves Booth and Brennan’s relationship because of their personalities. Brennan is serious, awkward in social situations, and kind of arrogant. Booth is charming and also kind of arrogant. The two make a perfect couple. Another thing I like about the show is Lance Sweets, the shrink. I was devastated when he died and thought that I wouldn’t be able to watch the new season because the thought of not having him in the show made me really sad. However, after doing some research about why they killed him off, I understand why that was the best choice to make. Even without John Francis Daley (Lance Sweets), the show is still amazing.

Listening. About a month ago, my friend sent me a link to a tumblr post that was a video of five guy singing in a car. After watching the video, I decided to look up the guys. They are a band called Dvicio. They are from Spain so all their songs are in spanish . The band consist of Andres Ceballos, Martin Ceballos, Nacho Gotor, Alberto Gonzalez, and Luis Gonzalvo. They range from 22-24 years old and they are easy on the eyes. Their album was recently released in the US so, of course, I bought it immediately. I love all their songs and can’t stop obsessing over them. Please send help.

dvicio blog post

Doing. Today, I took my first ACT. I was pretty nervous when I got to the school and didn’t see anyone I knew. It didn’t matter though because as soon as I got there, everyone had to go into their assigned rooms. Even though I knew that the test was four hours long, it didn’t really feel like four hours. Soon enough, I was leaving and going to get food because I was starving.

Just Give It A Try

I had gotten some bad news a couple days ago. I was recently told that the teacher for AP Psych wasn’t going to be teaching AP Psych next year. She was going to teach in Spain for a year. To me, this seemed like bad news because she was one of my favorite teachers. I had her for World History last year and she was an amazing teacher. I signed up for AP Psych a couple weeks ago for two reasons:

  1. I was very interested in the subject.
  2. She was going to be teaching it. Well that’s what I thought.

When I found out that she wasn’t going to teach it, I was worried. I didn’t know if I still wanted to take the class if she wasn’t going to be teaching it. I debated on whether or not if I should go to my counselor and change it to something else. I was worried that the new AP Psych teacher wouldn’t prepare me for the AP test or wouldn’t teach well.

After rethinking it over and over in my head, I’ve decided to not change my class and try it out. It could end up working and I probably worried for nothing. Even though my favorite teacher isn’t teaching it, I’m going to stick with it and hope for the best. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up loving it and become a psychologist like my favorite Bones character, Dr. Lance Sweets.


I have learned over the years that procrastinating is kinda dangerous. Your grades are on the line. And yet, I still do it. Everyday. It’s in my nature. But mostly, I don’t have the time to do all my homework everyday. As soon as school ends, I get driven to my parents’ shop until 4:30. Once I get home, I have to do some chores until I can actually start my homework. When I do end up starting, it’s about 7 in the afternoon. So, it’s understandable that I don’t do all my homework in one night. I usually end up doing my AP bio homework first because, to me, it seems like the most important class. By the time I finish bio homework, it’s 8 and I move onto some english. I usually don’t end up finishing english homework though. Then, in the mornings, I do my spanish homework. I never do math homework during the week, I let them pile up until the weekends, then I do them all. This causes problems though, whenever there’s a english quiz or a math quiz, I usually end up doing badly because I don’t do my homework/don’t finish my homework. Sometimes, I get lucky and end up not doing too badly on the quizzes. Other times, when I have absolutely no idea what the answer is, I draw a cat (named Martin) and put sorry under him. I have been trying recently to at least finish english homework instead of doing just half of it but it’s really hard. But at least I’m trying.martin


3 Guesses For Spring Trends

I had a nightmare last night and woke up at 3 in the morning scared to go back to sleep. So I decided to watch some youtube videos to get my mind off of it. I came across a video by Grace Helbig where she would guess the trends of the upcoming season. It was really sarcastic and that helped me take my mind off of the nightmare I just had. So I thought, “Why not guess this year’s spring trends? Well, what I hope will become a trend in spring.”

  1. Fling. Fling is a social media app where when you post something, It gets sent out to 50 random people in the world. From the US to the UK to Australia and everything in between. It’s a really fun way to meet new people and connect with them. I’ve had the app for almost a week and have met people from all parts of the world. flingHowever, I’d say the downside is, is that you never know what you’re going to open when you get a fling. So fling at your own risk.
  2. Bones. If you know me in real life, you know that I constantly talk about Bones. Bones is a TV show that’s like Criminal Minds. They solve murders. Simple as that. But I still love it so much and I hope it hits big this spring.
  3. Pastel. I am hoping that pastels make a comeback this year in fashion. I loved the mint and pastel pinks last year and am excited to see what happens this year.

Here is Grace’s Video


That’s Life

Today was my first weekend lab for AP Bio. We did it on a weekend because there isn’t enough time during one period to do the lab so we had to come in either Saturday or Sunday to do it. I went today, Sunday. The lab took 4 hours long. It started off well. What we basically had to do was:

1. Put the DNA samples into little tubes with enzymes to cut up the DNA.

2. Incubate it in a hot water bath for an hour.

3. Make the gel for the electrophoresis part of the lab.

4. Put the DNA samples into the gel.

5. Run the electrophoresis machine.

We did all of these steps right and we were on track to end our lab at the exact time it was intended to end. But then came along step 6:

6. Take the gel out of the electrophoresis machine and put it in a tray.

This was the downfall of our 4 hour lab. Everything we did in the past four hours came down to this and it ended horribly. What actually happened was:

6. Attempt to take the gel out of the machine, only for it to slip and fall on the table.

At first, we thought, “Oh it’s fine, it’s just slightly bent, everything’s okay we can just pick it up and put it on the tray.” But then it got worse:

The gel snapped in half.

Everyone in my group just stood there for a while trying to process what just happened. Once we processed it, we tried to pick up the two pieces and put it on the tray. In the process of picking up the first piece:

It snapped in half again.

Now not only did we break the gel once, we broke it twice. Once we finally put the gel pieces in the tray, we tried really hard in pushing them together so it looked like it was still intact. After we put the tray in a safe spot so it can sit for 24 hours, we all started laughing. We all thought, “What were the odds that we would be that group.” Nobody was angry, we just figured what’s done is done. I was the one that was laughing the most; I laughed the whole car ride home. I don’t really know why but I found the whole thing hilarious. But I guess that’s life. Sometimes you work really hard only for it to fail in the end. But it’s okay because you get a good laugh out of it. I think that if I had the choice of going back in time to change it so the gel wouldn’t break, I wouldn’t because it was freaking hilarious. Sometimes you just got to find the good things in bad situations to make everything better.

Here’s the gel just in case you guys wanted to see it


More About Puppy!

My dog, Puppy, is a huge part of my life. He has changed me as a person for the better in the three years that I’ve known him. His needs, weaknesses, and personality has shaped me into the person I am today.

I have learned to take other’s into consideration ever since I got Puppy. He has special needs so most decisions I make are based on him. Puppy goes to the bathroom every four to five hours. He has a chipped tooth so he can’t eat some foods that other dogs can eat. He has to eat wet food, not dry. He needs to go to the dog park to socialize with other dogs and get his daily exercise. I had to learn how to make good decisions that met those needs.

Puppy has weaknesses that make him unique. As stated before, he has a chipped tooth so he can’t eat dry food. He’s scared of loud noises, except for sirens from the fire truck. He is scared of flying objects so he doesn’t play fetch like a normal dog. He hates getting wet so he tends to run away from sprinklers or hoses. One weakness he used to have is being afraid of people. When I first met him, I raised my hand to pet him and he flinched, as if I was going to hit him. Over time, I helped him overcome that fear. Now he isn’t afraid of people, his new weakness is that now he’s too friendly with people. My parents joke around that if a robber comes in the house, Puppy will just greet him and let the robber rob the house.

Some could say that Puppy is the perfect dog. His personality is great. He’s super friendly with everyone and always has a lot of energy. He’s very patient with people, especially kids while they toss and turn him around. He especially loves babies and toddlers. I think it’s because they’re the same size as him so he thinks that they’re one of him.

I have learned a lot from Puppy. He has influenced me in so many ways, through his needs, weaknesses, and personality. It’s only been three years and I’ve learned so much. I hope to learn more from him in the years to come.

puppy pic for blog again

photo cred: me


Senior Year

The second semester of my junior year is barely halfway through and I heard that I would have to be picking my classes for next year already. I’m terrified yet excited at the same time. I don’t know if I’m ready to make the decisions.

Last year, my sophomore year, I had made a big decision in my schedule for my junior year and I don’t think it paid off. I had chosen the regular academic classes I was supposed to take (AP Bio, AP English, History, Precalc Honors, Spanish). Instead of taking an art elective like I planned to do before, I changed it and took the Animal Health Care ROP. I was happy with my decision at first, but as summer started to end, I realized that I wanted to change it to an art class. It was too late. I was stuck with the ROP for a semester. Three hours a day, four days a week. The class was okay, but I had only chosen it because, at the time, I wanted to become a vet when I grew up. I later realized that I didn’t want to be anywhere in the animal field. Even though, I didn’t want to go the class, I still stuck with it til the end. Once first semester ended, so did the ROP.

Now, I’m here with only five classes in the day, instead of six. It feels good to leave early from school, but I feel like I could be doing more. I don’t want to make the same mistake again for my senior year. I kind of have an idea of what classes I want for next year, but I keep doubting myself. For each subject, I’m tied between options. Should I take AP Spanish 4 or regular Spanish 4. How about AP English or regular English. Ceramics or Photo. AP Gov/Econ or regular Gov/Econ. Physics or AP Physics or Sports Medicine. AP Stats or AP Calc. I’m torn in every subject. I don’t want to end up hating the class and regretting my decision. I probably still won’t be able to decide by the time that I have to go to my counselor to give her the list of classes for next year. All I know right now is that I’m scared.


photo cred: me


Crazy Dreams

I was in my Bio class today and we were in our lab groups working on a model on gene expression. While making the model, the lab group next to us was having a conversation on dreams and then my lab group started talking about dreams. Now I want to share some of the dreams I’ve had.

The first one that comes to mind was a recurring one I kept having when I was about 8 or 9 years old. It was when my mom was pregnant with my little sister. In the dream, my mom and I were walking around the neighborhood and talking when a police car stopped us. The officer started questioning us and then tried arresting my mother because she was pregnant. We started running away but, like in all dreams, my running pace seemed to be slower than my walking pace. I hate when dreams do that. The rest of the dream was spent running away from a bunch of cops that were trying to kill us until I woke up. I kept having that dream once every two weeks for a couple months. I don’t know why it kept showing up but, luckily, it eventually stopped.

Another dream that I can remember was from a month ago. In my dream, my dog, Puppy, befriended another dog who looked like Puppy’s twin. It’s practically impossible to find another dog that looks like mine because Puppy is a mix of something and something. Every doctor I’ve been to tells me something different so nobody has any idea of what he’s a mix of.

puppy dream blog again

photo cred: me

In the dream, the other dog was a girl and they had puppies. Somehow the puppies came out as adults so they all looked the same, including Puppy and Mrs. Puppy. I got really sad because I couldn’t find out which dog was my Puppy and my parents said that they wouldn’t keep all the dogs so they were going to give them away. I got scared because they might give away Puppy. I woke up crying because I thought that my parents gave away my dog instead of the actual puppies. When I woke up, I immediately went to the garage to get Puppy and bring him up to my room and hugged him like crazy.

I remember one of my dreams was about a bunch of guys dressed up as burglars chasing me to make soup out of me. Tomato soup to be exact. This was about 7 years ago. In the dream, I was at my parent’s small business and was helping them do errands. All of a sudden, four guys turned the corner and started running after me, so of course I started running in the other direction. But in my dream, I was running really slowly and the guys were running at normal speed. They eventually caught me and the next thing I know, I’m tied up in a big pot full of tomato soup. I got so scared, I woke up.

Dreams can be pretty freaky. I wake up crying from some of them sometimes or they’re so scary that I have to watch an hour of That’s So Raven to take my mind off of it. But it’s okay, because they’re just dreams, not real life.