Do As You Say And Say As You Do… or at least try

The Catcher in the Rye really is an interesting book. I am glad to say that I ended the year with a novel like this because it leaves me thinking. First lets talk about the protagonist Holden Caulfield, shall we? His personality spoke to me from the first page. “If you really want to hear about it”, he states, “the first thing you’ll want to know is where I was born, and what my lousy childhood was like…but I don’t feel like going into it, if you want to know the truth” (pg. 1). From the beginning, Holden is engaging me into a conversation. Now whether his intended audience was me or not is debatable, but from where I was sitting, that is sure how it felt like. Holden began speaking as if he was answering a question you were dying to know. His words wanted readers to believe that he was this interesting, cool character that is basically better than everybody else. But when occasions come to test that theory, his actions say otherwise.

Holden first contradicts himself in the first page, whether he realizes it or not. He starts off saying that he doesn’t want to talk about himself and his whole life story but that is exactly what he ends up doing throughout the whole book. Holden shares with readers the best and worst times of his life. Holden has a habit of contradicting himself in every turn. An example is when he stated, “I’m quite illiterate, but I read a lot” (pg.18).But it’s one thing to say something and then say the complete opposite, and another to say something and do the complete opposite. Because as my sister always puts it, “actions speak louder than words”.

The time that Holden called the prostitute is a good example of this. Holden was trying to convince readers (or himself) how he was feeling sexy so he called a prostitute to come meet him in his hotel room. Only when she came, he suddenly wanted to just sit down and talk. “Don’t you feel like talking for a while?” Holden asks (pg 95). Then when the prostitute got mad because she thought she wasn’t getting paid, Holden assured her saying, “I said I’d pay you for coming and all. I really will. I have plenty of dough” (pg 97) to which he totally ignores when he decides not to give her the ten dollars.

Holden displays personality through his actions and his aura through his words. His actions shows his indecisiveness. “While I don’t believe any one action defines who someone is, I think there’s something to this. Actions speak louder than words. And repeated actions are what shape our character and reputation,” said Lori Deschene in an article. “A good man doesn’t have to go around bragging about being one. He lets his actions speak louder than his words” tweeted @Digitaldrop. This all proves that what you say isn’t the whole truth if it isn’t proven by a little action.



Share Your Story

You could call smiling one of my specialties. The impact of a smile keeps the peace and love in the world going, the passive expression of saying “ Everything’s okay, I’m here to be happy and conquer whatever comes.” People sometimes tell me that I smile too much. “ Trang, you’re always smiling, you could be in pain with a broken toe and I wouldn’t know because you’re always smiling.” I used to think smiling was “phony” or people did it to get something they wanted. Through the course of life, smiling has seeped its way into my daily routine, bringing out its genuine goal instead of the superficiality it may suggest today. My life wasn’t all smiles and such though.

Born into a low income family, my dad’s main goal was to raise children who were not wasteful. Not being wasteful meant eating until every single grain of rice was cleared from the bowl. If my brother and I had any food remaining, we had to stay at the table until we did. Sometimes I would sit there for hours and hours on end, dreading eating a few pieces of dry meat. Eating everything did have its downfalls; for example I was a relatively inactive kid who immensely hated physical activity. As a result of being inactive and eating a lot of food, I grew up clinically overweight.

Being clinically overweight did not necessarily attract the best attention as a little girl. Everywhere I went , there were voices. The “voices” were mainly from my relatives. At family parties, parent conversations consisted of how I needed to watch what I ate, aunts asking my mom why I was so chubby, questions about what size I wore for clothing. I never wore jeans, jeans gave me an uncomfortable feeling with its thick denim waistline. I refrained from being fashionable because I couldn’t fit anything stylish right.

I started swimming at the age of 4, but never swam competitively until 7th grade. My dad was the reason why I started swimming and am still swimming today. My dad was diagnosed with liver cancer when I was in the second grade. The day he was diagnosed till now, everything that his cancer did to him impacted me. He started to take walks at the beach every day, walking to early 6:30 am morning mass, sacrificing all he had for my brother’s and I education. One of the things cancer influenced my dad to do was to sign us up in a sport. He saw swimming as a low impact and rewarding sport, my life took a toll for change. Swimming trimmed me into shape, exercising nearly 3 hours everyday for 7th and 8th grade from Physical Education and swimming on a competitive club swim team. The comments about my weight stopped and compliments started pouring in.

My dad passed away the January of 8th grade, 2012. His passing made me realize that he did not let himself decay away with the terrible disease called cancer. My dad took every moment in life and made it worth it. He did whatever he did to put my brother and I ahead of the game, so that we could prosper in the future. His passing meant that I lost my biggest supporter, a father figure to guide me, and the reason why I started swimming.

It took me a while to get used to it. I’m still not used to the change. In the freshmen year, I noticed that I lost the hard working aspect of myself. I had no one to support my decisions, my mom worked for six days a week from eight to six. I was still swimming, training with the Varsity school team. At that time I didn’t notice it, but I developed extremely unhealthy eating habits. I would eat a microwavable Egg-McMuffin at 12 am and chug down chocolate milk, all day everyday. I would eat bars and bars of Hershey’s chocolate bars on end. I did not notice how broken I was as a human being.

It wasn’t until the summer of freshman year that I noticed that I gained unhealthy weight that affected how I felt about myself. I remember the day clearly, the option of eating healthy flashed into my mind for one instant second, and that was the day my life changed. At first, I ate healthy for physical appearance, to appear slim. Two years later, current day now, my main priority in eating healthy is to be and feel healthy. There were times when swimming felt like a burden on my life, but I was quick to realize that I am swimming for my dad. My dad is inside me. His words and legacy speak through my actions. I am now looking into the field of health science with a desire to transform the world a healthier place so that maybe people with illnesses may have the confidence that my dad did and to live out lives that impact others, just like my dad did to me. I am Trang Truong, a “just keep swimming” is my life motto. trang

Stress, Stress, and More Stress…

I’m so stressed out!!! I have so many things to study for its unreal. On top of that, I have to do extra credit assignment and projects and study and study…did I mention study. You want to know what I don’t understand? Why do teachers assign projects right before finals? Do they not understand that there is a capacity of stress a brain can handle. Any ways, I just want to reflect on the stress on finals. Although finals make people (especially me) pull out their hair one at a time, it teaches you to be organized and how to manage your time. Studying for my final, I have to plan which test I have to study for first, which assignment is a priority, and how much relax time I can afford. If I am being honest, I hate finals. They are unreasonable and a painful way to end the year. I wouldn’t mind finals so much if they didn’t affect your grades so much. It sucks when you spend months trying to build up your grades and it only takes one test to make it tumble down. My Japanese final dropped my grade by six percent! And because it is a final, you cant bring your grade up. It is a live or die situation. All that I’m hoping for right now is that I don’t drown.


Find Your Face

I feel as if, at this age in particular, every one lives under a mask. Or many to be exact. We all have a personality we want others to see and believe is true. Yet, if we were to bring them aside, away from everyone else, they would act completely different. Maybe this is occurring because social media is pushing everyone to show their “true” and “best” personality to the world, or maybe not. Either way, I am sick of everyone blaming social media for everything, I want to go deeper. Why is it that people believe that they need to act a certain way in front of one person and another to the next? Why do people repeat the phrase “be yourself” and then do the complete opposite? And most importantly, how do we know the face beneath the mask? I am asking all this because I don’t know the answer to any of this. I would love to say that there is a simple explanation for all of it. But I know better. You know what, maybe there is no mask. Maybe we all just have many sides to us that we haven’t explored yet. Maybe we need to display all the different sides before we can finally “be ourselves”. And maybe even after that… maybe we are all a collection of our different masks.


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Baron Games

Baron games is a day were the whole school becomes united separately. Its pretty funny actually. Half of the school’s population is dressed in blue and half in yellow/gold. People go all out on this day. Walking to your next class, you would see a girl dressed in a yellow tutu, a boy dressed in a blue onesie and a teacher dressed in both yellow and blue. People would have face paint on, thunder sticks in their hands, and laughter in their voice. The school would be filled with decorations and a bunch of balloons. The aspect I love most about FVHS is the amount of pride we have, not only for our school, but for each other. Because although we are separated between blue and yellow, we have fun together all the same.

Then finally, during third period class, do you finally hear the sounds. Ear screeching screams roaring from inside every students soul. Chants like, ¨Barons are you ready ready? Yeah were ready ready!¨ would sound all the halls. The bass from the music would be vibrating through your body and synchronize with your heart. At that time, when everyone is sitting down, together, chanting the same chants, and feeling the same feelings, do I feel at home.

#Barons #BaronforLife #BaronGames #family



Both my mom and dad have diabetes in their family’s. My dad has diabetes and my mom’s sister, brother, and mom has diabetes. If I had to do the calculations, I probably have a 99.99999 percent chance of getting diabetes. Because of this, I have been trained since I was young to watch what I eat, how much sugar I consume, how much salt, etc… I have been taught what diabetes can do to you, both short term and long term. Diabetes causes high/low blood sugar, multiple pills several times a day, and in the long run may cause you to lose both your legs, eyes, or insert insulin into your stomach every day. The amount of pills you take everyday may cause severe problems in the future, like liver failure or kidney problems. To ensure this doesn’t happen to me, my parents are stricter on us than other parents would be on sugar. Unlike other teenage girls, the first thing I look for when I am about to eat something is the grams of sugar, not the amount of fat/calories. Exercise is a must for me. That is the best way I can insure I don’t have diabetes. So, as much as I hate to exercise, it comes down to to things. Me, or Diabetes. And it will be like this for as long as I live.



I understand that probably more than half of the world’s population have pets. What I don’t understand is how there taken for granted. I never got how someone can come to school after there pet have died and just state it like it’s an everyday situation. Maybe if the pet was a fish or of that sorts, because I have had multiple fish and never grew attached. But cats and dogs… no way. They take a part of you because they are meant to be loved. There’s no way around it. They are the most innocent creatures to ever exist in my opinion. I have a cat and her name is Konjit (which stands for beautiful). I adopted her when I was in fourth grade and that’s when I began to understand the importance of pets. They are therapy.  Whenever I am in a dark place, Konjit finds me and curls beside my feet, letting the vibrations of her purrs soothe me down. I am always welcomed home with lots of whining meows – which annoys my mom because she only does this with me. I am the one that she follows around and naps with. I think this is so because I am the only one in this family that really treats her likes she is part of the family. I believe that animals have feelings and so they have a need to feel comforted, loved, and safe. So I try to do that even when I am really not in the mood. And in thanks, she returns the favor. I, Delina, am the sum of everybody close to me. And Konjit is a part of that. So I honestly don’t know what I would do if she dies. Because then a part of what made me me would have died too. I am fully aware of how cliche this sounds, but it’s spot on. Because Konjit isn’t just a pet to me. She’s my freind, my comforter… she’s my family.


Human Mood Ring

Do you have that one person in your life, whether it be a classmate or a friend, who’s reaction can never be expected. You honestly feel like you have to constantly be on your guard or else the wrong thing might slip and all hell will break loose. Yeah, well join the club. I don’t know if this is considered as being judgmental but I cant stand these kind of people. They make a single conversation feel dreadful because you feel as if you are stepping onto thin ice. The worst part is that they aren’t always like this. Sometimes, they are perfectly normal. Your talking to them and everything is going fine and well. You are even enjoying yourself. Why is this so bad. Because all of a sudden, amidst an enjoyable conversation, they pull a one-eighty and go crazy on you. I just want to scream, “Pick a side already and stick with it!” Either you are a calm collected person whom I converse freely with, or your a wild and unpredictable person that makes me stand on my toes. Just pick a side so I can be sure to either stick with you or run like the wind. Don’t confuse me. Because I cant be myself around those people. Here is an example of how a typical conversation turns into a whiplash :

Me: Hey

Them: Hey. Guess what! My sister got engaged yesterday!

Me: Really! No way!

Them: Yeah! Hey, by the way, did you finish the report?

Me: Yeah, I’m just adding the final touches.

Them: Well why didn’t you email them to me?

Me: You want me to email it to you? Why didn’t you just ask before?

Them: DO I REALLY HAVE TO ASK? Oh my God, you are impossible.

Me: Woah, calm down. I’ll email it to you, what’s your email?


Me: No…


Me.[thinks] What the hell just happened?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~two hours later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


Them: [texts] By the way, Nichole said hi:)


Need I explain more?

Mood ring

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Being a Teenager

I hate it. Well… kind of hate it. Being a teenager is hard because you don’t belong to a suitable category. You are the mixture of a five-year-old kid and a fifty-year-old adult. You are so immature yet capable of setting up the rest of your life. It is completely aggravating. For example, when you go to weddings, you are placed with the children! Children! The ones who eat their catered food like they have never eaten anything before in their lives. The ones that decide that spilling apple cider all over you is the funny and cool thing to do. The one that cries when you scream at them because now your dress is all messed up and you imagine a certain kind of bruise next to their eye. Or on their eye. Whichever really. Honestly, the only thing being a teenager is good for is when you use the stereotypes to help your cause. Like throwing a tantrum and blaming it on your hormones. Or stealing a car and blaming it on the effect of peer pressure has on teenagers. But off course, that never works. Want to know why? Because nothing is ever on your side when you are a teenager. Seriously think about it. If you heard about a car crash, and the person that told you about it said that the driver was a teenager, wouldn’t you automatically believe that it is their fault. Yes. Don’t deny it. Because teenagers cant drive, they are always reckless, they never see where they are going, they constantly speed, their music is always blasting, they are always driving with their friends, and the list goes on. So slowly your sympathy starts to fade and your convictions last.

Written by a very annoyed teenager.



Sehnsucht (n.) “the inconsolable longing in the human heart for we know not what”; a high degree of intense recurring, and often painful desire for something, particularly if there’s no hope to attain the desired or when its attainment is uncertain, still far away.

Most people will associate this with love. When I first came across this word, there was a picture of a man and woman holding hands, clearly in love. But when I first read the definition, I thought about all the times I wished for something to happen and it didn’t. All the times I was either extremely happy or extremely sad and didn’t know why. All the times that I either laughed or cried with no reason, passing it of as PMS or something. Because feelings had to happen with reason right? I mean, you cant just feel when you don’t know why your feeling? Right? Well, not according to Sehnsucht. Because Sehnsucht is a feeling, an indescribable one at that.