Why is it so hard for people to express themselves?

All though we have all been told how we should all express ourselves and not hide anything inside. But for some people it can be very difficult to express themselves.

I think that a person’s peers play a large role in whether or not they choose to express themselves. This can be seen clearly in “The Catcher in the Rye”. Holden spends a large amount of the novel trying to get people to listen to him. Though he talks to several people throughout the story he doesn’t feel as if any of them are really listening to him. This causes him to not express himself through his words because he feels as if no one cares and no one wants to listen.

Another common reason for someone not to express themselves is a fear of being judged. They might feel that if they express how they feel to someone whether through writing or verbally that the person might see it as annoying or tease them(Expressing Emotions: Why is it so difficult?.Yasinski). While this is common, it is not a fear that anyone should have to have. It has become part of our society to be self-centered, so a lot of people seem uninterested when someone else and how that person feels is the topic of discussion. This causes many people to shy away from expressing themselves.

I believe that a fear of being judged is also a reason why in “The Catcher in the Rye” Holden struggles to express himself, and when he does say something he usually contradicts it. He fears that if he says something that someone else might make fun of him or disagree with him. So, he contradicts it later hoping to please everyone.

There are a lot people that just struggle to express themselves verbally. A lot of people prefer to express themselves through their writing because they are afraid that they will be judged of the express themselves verbally. This is the reason why many people chose to keep journals or diaries. “The reason for this preference once again has to do with how our brains are wired: written words use different pathways in the brain, which seem to flow fluently for many introverts” (Why do introverts struggle to speak.Granneman). While they are afraid to express themselves verbally they can express themselves just as effectively through their writing and it causes them less stress and anxiety.

So through my reading I think that I have learned that there are many parts of a person’s surroundings and peers that determine how comfortable they are with expressing themselves, and that is why many people struggle with expressing themselves.


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