The Memories Are Worth the Stress

So last week was a very inserting and stressful week for me. It started last Tuesday when the new captains for my color guard team were announced.

Just to give you a little background I have tried out for captain three times including this year. The process for trying out for captain on my team is a long and involved process. Our team usually has two captain, three section leaders (flag, rifle, sabre), and a vice president. Last year I was given the sabre section leader position. At the end of this year one of our captains graduated and out of the rest of the leaders only the second captain and I would be returning for the next season.

Back to the announcement, I was announced as the captain. I was thrilled when this was announced and after all of the other positions were announced I realized something. There was only one captain announced and it was me. This meant that last year’s returning captain was now sabre section leader. This was something that had not happened before.

The next few days were very stressful for me. It consisted of a lot of figuring out how to do things and asking questions. After a lot of stress things are finally starting to fall into place.

Over the last week I have learned so much. I learned about communication and leadership. The next year as captain is going to be a stressful one, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I love color guard and my team and I am going to make so many new memories as captain.


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