Stress, Stress, and More Stress…

I’m so stressed out!!! I have so many things to study for its unreal. On top of that, I have to do extra credit assignment and projects and study and study…did I mention study. You want to know what I don’t understand? Why do teachers assign projects right before finals? Do they not understand that there is a capacity of stress a brain can handle. Any ways, I just want to reflect on the stress on finals. Although finals make people (especially me) pull out their hair one at a time, it teaches you to be organized and how to manage your time. Studying for my final, I have to plan which test I have to study for first, which assignment is a priority, and how much relax time I can afford. If I am being honest, I hate finals. They are unreasonable and a painful way to end the year. I wouldn’t mind finals so much if they didn’t affect your grades so much. It sucks when you spend months trying to build up your grades and it only takes one test to make it tumble down. My Japanese final dropped my grade by six percent! And because it is a final, you cant bring your grade up. It is a live or die situation. All that I’m hoping for right now is that I don’t drown.



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