College Reflection Letter

Throughout this college research project, I was able to straighten out my priorities to distinguish my goals much clearer than I did before. Before this college project, my main goal was to apply for California State University, Long Beach and attend there for my undergraduate studies majoring in some type of health and minoring in art. This project helped me expand my horizons in that it gave me hope that I may be eligible for admittance to Chapman despite some low grades on my transcript, because I am involved in volunteering and leadership, and I still have a chance through SAT and ACT testing. My goal is still to attend CSULB, but now I have Chapman as my high reach school because it is also local and I can commute there. CSULB is ranked #33 in the western region while Chapman U is ranked #7 in western region schools; I figured it wouldn’t hurt to aim high for Chapman while still having my eye on CSULB. Some surprises consisted of my consideration of different majors rather than art, such as screenwriting and tv production. My biggest accomplishment in putting this portfolio together was being able to use what I learned from my favorite past time hobby in sophomore year (looking up colleges and professions) into a single file and setting my priorities straight: the go big or go home in the field of health. Something I would do differently next time would be to research more schools outside the state, even though my plan is to commute in college. Doing this helped me realize how much I love health and made me eager for college to come around; reality struck and I feel the greatness of (almost) moving onto a new chapter in my life.


My face when I think of college.


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