So Close, Yet So Far

After going through three weeks of May, the hardest part is finally over: AP tests. For me, I felt like I did the best that I could and I don’t think I would go back and change anything (maybe after I check my scores in July). Back in middle school at this time, we were doing absolutely nothing and I really missed that. Not because I’m THAT lazy to do a bit more work but I just think we’ve done ENOUGH work for the year (hello AP US History), do some FUN activities and wrap up the year.

Have you ever ran a mile and felt like it was never going to end? This is me. I’m at this point where I’m burnt out and all my creativity is slowing oozing out its last juices. There are exactly 13 slow, painful days of school. I’m not saying it like I won’t miss my friends and peers and teachers, but let’s just say I can do without them for a while. So many things went on for April and May, both physically, intellectually, and emotionally, that I didn’t have much time to preserve some precious time for myself. Too many things to see, to watch, and to hear. Yet not enough time. When was the last time I laid down and read a book I really enjoyed? When was the last time I could slept at 10 pm and woke up at 8AM? When was the last time I could last without a nap after school? When was the last time that school didn’t keep me up until 1AM? Although these were certainly tougher times of school, I must admit that I have it a LOT easier than most of my peers who are way more involved than I am. But we all put a lot of efforts into our work, so regardless everyone should receive the same credits.

The reason why I’m really excited for school to be over is because I’m looking forward to the future: summer and Senior year! I realized how much I can’t remember about the summer lifestyle. The laidback schedule, the spontaneous adventures, but also the occasional boring days where Netflix is your friend. But I think that’s part of any life cycle-that fun nights will fill you up but the dull days will have you appreciate the times when you are enjoying yourselves.

Prom: That One Night (That I had no stress)

Prom: That One Night (That I had no stress)


One thought on “So Close, Yet So Far

  1. You are super smart and nice lady-my daughter Nikki who just graduated with a masters degree felt the same way as you do-after a long while enough!,take a break and look back at what you have done and enjoy it. There will be more to do but when your journey is through you will realize what you have accomplished and be proud of yourself! It is your life and look at what you are doing with it!Love to you’re family and friends!


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