Find Your Face

I feel as if, at this age in particular, every one lives under a mask. Or many to be exact. We all have a personality we want others to see and believe is true. Yet, if we were to bring them aside, away from everyone else, they would act completely different. Maybe this is occurring because social media is pushing everyone to show their “true” and “best” personality to the world, or maybe not. Either way, I am sick of everyone blaming social media for everything, I want to go deeper. Why is it that people believe that they need to act a certain way in front of one person and another to the next? Why do people repeat the phrase “be yourself” and then do the complete opposite? And most importantly, how do we know the face beneath the mask? I am asking all this because I don’t know the answer to any of this. I would love to say that there is a simple explanation for all of it. But I know better. You know what, maybe there is no mask. Maybe we all just have many sides to us that we haven’t explored yet. Maybe we need to display all the different sides before we can finally “be ourselves”. And maybe even after that… maybe we are all a collection of our different masks.


Public Domain Mark
This work (Venetian Masks Shop, by unknown), identified by Delina, is free of known copyright restrictions.

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This work (<span property=”dct:title”>Venetian Masks Shop</span>, by <a href=”;newwindow=1&amp;safe=active&amp;source=lnms&amp;tbm=isch&amp;sa=X&amp;ei=G6FiVaOhKILIogT2zYH4Dg&amp;ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&amp;biw=1366&amp;; rel=”dct:creator”><span property=”dct:title”>unknown</span></a>), identified by <a href=”” rel=”dct:publisher”><span property=”dct:title”>Delina</span></a>, is free of known copyright restrictions.


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