Uncomfortable Success

Every year around May, high school students are going CRAZY. We are not sane people at this emotional roller coaster segment of the semester. Since high school started, I don’t remember a year where it wasn’t busy, stressful, UNCOMFORTABLE, uneasy, and an emotional wreck around this month. But I do remember that, no matter how hard or nervous I feel, I should learn to accept the results because I tried my best, regardless if it turned out as a failure, a semi-success, or a definite success (But knowing summer is RIGHT around the corner doesn’t hurt either!!!). Also, one failure..or two..will not define your future either!

What goes down around May is usually this:

  1. AP classes are winding down (or speeding up!) to their last chapters. Students are still in their Spring Break slumber so coming right back from break is not an easy task. Most of us should’ve started studying for the AP exam during Spring break…but who actually succeeded in doing that honestly? I had an APUSH test the following Monday I returned from break, so already my rollercoaster is going straight down with full force. Like I said before, after classes are finished with their curriculum, it’s time to review this sh!t..which really only leave two weeks of studying before the actual day of the test. Considering it’s history and there’s a LOT that goes on AND most of us didn’t review over break…no one is relaxing at ALL. Also, the way we’re reviewing our material is by splitting up into nine groups (this isn’t a “project” really, but if there’s presenting of any sort, it’s a group project to me).
  2. Magically around this time, good ole GROUP projects start popping up! The timing is almost too perfect right now. I have a “Job Fair” group project for Spanish. A two-ish minute presentation on Tuesday comin’ up.
  3. Normal tests from normal classes. Thankfully since I am in a normal Precalculus class, I am chillin’ with a 99.4% and I cANNOT express how great it is to not stress over math. Amen to my amazing teacher. However, I do have chem to care for and you can’t tell me chemistry is easy. Right now, I am struggling with a 86.2% and I am praying to the gods that maybe..just maybe the FINAL will be a piece of cake so that I will magically pass with an A in the class, not that I would cry if I get a B in the class though.
  4. Art- This class is literally “arts and crafts” at this point..but TIME CONSUMING arts and crafts. So now I ALSO have to spend a small portion trying to catch up. We’re doing Piet Mondrian inspired collage.

If I look at this list, it isn’t THAT crazy, but this isn’t over a long span of time, it’s ALL in the span of 2-3 weeks. I am already a nervous person as it is because I sort of fear failure. To be honest, I hate the nature of the AP tests, which is why I get nervous and uncomfortable before I take it. First of all, why does it cost so much? Personally, because I know I’m paying this amount of money for a single test, I feel pressured to do well. I’m not rich (although I will be later on) so it’s sort of a burden on me. Secondly, why is the test SO long???? Sitting to do a test that long is basically trying to kill someone, me specifically. The test is on average about three hours. Lastly, it should just be a “passed or failed” thing. Like really, does it matter if someone gets a 1 or 2? They still failed regardless. Plus, it only makes that person feel worse.

Collegeboard needs to chill out..so that I could chill out too.

Logical way of curing your stress.  Photo @2007 by K. Latham (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Logical way of curing your stress.
Photo @2007 by K. Latham (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)


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