Writer from Within

This year, I started considering myself a writer through doing these blog posts for TLC, MD. It started out as a weekly requirement for AP English to post something, anything of our writing to our art. I often dreaded the deadlines because I often procrastinated. However, in the times I did not procrastinate, I found myself spilling my thoughts and emotions into the writing in order to write something relatable or something of great meaning. I found a purpose to write and share my story with others. I read works from many writers with works of their own, sharing their stories and experiences, some stories about the importance of writing to them. I found an importance in writing itself, for it was a stress relieving hobby in which I found something deeper. It influenced me to make my own goal, to write everyday- and write where it hurts the most. In the moments that one writes from where it hurts the most, the cliche is broken and the writing is instantly more real. My goal is to write everyday in the summer, whether it be a quote, a story, or a spoken word poem. Like a famous line says, “The pen is mightier than the sword”. Tell a story instead of spreading gossip. Spread words of wisdom instead of spreading trash talk. Change the world with a pen. That is my goal.

AP 2015 _5


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