Baron Games

Baron games is a day were the whole school becomes united separately. Its pretty funny actually. Half of the school’s population is dressed in blue and half in yellow/gold. People go all out on this day. Walking to your next class, you would see a girl dressed in a yellow tutu, a boy dressed in a blue onesie and a teacher dressed in both yellow and blue. People would have face paint on, thunder sticks in their hands, and laughter in their voice. The school would be filled with decorations and a bunch of balloons. The aspect I love most about FVHS is the amount of pride we have, not only for our school, but for each other. Because although we are separated between blue and yellow, we have fun together all the same.

Then finally, during third period class, do you finally hear the sounds. Ear screeching screams roaring from inside every students soul. Chants like, ¨Barons are you ready ready? Yeah were ready ready!¨ would sound all the halls. The bass from the music would be vibrating through your body and synchronize with your heart. At that time, when everyone is sitting down, together, chanting the same chants, and feeling the same feelings, do I feel at home.

#Barons #BaronforLife #BaronGames #family



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