What’s Going On

So I recently came across an article by Kate Murphy and in the article, she talked about what she was doing in the moment (like what’s she listening to, watching, reading, etc) and I decided to do the same.

READING. Well, I am currently reading Jovie and Bash by Kiara London on the Wattpad app. Wattpad is a website where anyone can post their stories and if they’re really good, they get published. When stories are put up on Wattpad, they are put up chapter by chapter, not all at once. In the book, Jovie is a high school girl living in a small town. She was kind of a mistake because her mom, they mayor, had a one night stand with a guy, Henry, and then Jovie happened. Bash is a college student that works at the library. Jovie is quiet and tries to keep everything in her life orderly. Bash is loud and spontaneous. When they meet, Jovie is scared to be with Bash because of her parent’s relationship. She then decides to take the chance. That’s all that’s happened so far because I’m waiting for the next book.

Watching. Currently, I am obsessing over Bones. Bones is a show that solves crimes like CSI. I love it mostly because of what happens between the characters, not really the crimes themselves. I loves Booth and Brennan’s relationship because of their personalities. Brennan is serious, awkward in social situations, and kind of arrogant. Booth is charming and also kind of arrogant. The two make a perfect couple. Another thing I like about the show is Lance Sweets, the shrink. I was devastated when he died and thought that I wouldn’t be able to watch the new season because the thought of not having him in the show made me really sad. However, after doing some research about why they killed him off, I understand why that was the best choice to make. Even without John Francis Daley (Lance Sweets), the show is still amazing.

Listening. About a month ago, my friend sent me a link to a tumblr post that was a video of five guy singing in a car. After watching the video, I decided to look up the guys. They are a band called Dvicio. They are from Spain so all their songs are in spanish . The band consist of Andres Ceballos, Martin Ceballos, Nacho Gotor, Alberto Gonzalez, and Luis Gonzalvo. They range from 22-24 years old and they are easy on the eyes. Their album was recently released in the US so, of course, I bought it immediately. I love all their songs and can’t stop obsessing over them. Please send help.

dvicio blog post

Doing. Today, I took my first ACT. I was pretty nervous when I got to the school and didn’t see anyone I knew. It didn’t matter though because as soon as I got there, everyone had to go into their assigned rooms. Even though I knew that the test was four hours long, it didn’t really feel like four hours. Soon enough, I was leaving and going to get food because I was starving.


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