The Perfect Body

I grew up overweight. Carrying a little more extra fat then the rest of my childhood friends took a toll on me. I never was first to be picked for kickball games in PE class. Older people always pinched my cheeks in which I cried a little inside every time. When people talked to my parents about me, my chubbiness was always brought up. I remember being compared to Dora the Explorer. Every time a weight loss commercial came up, a cousin would tell me that I should try it. Jeans weren’t exactly my cup of tea. Nothing fit right.

Insecurity is real. A muffintop with a pair of jeans is enough to spark negative thoughts in a teen’s mind. There’s so much things a girl wants, a “hot body” being one of them. Many girls don’t want to work and wait for what they want; they are drawn in by the romanticism of being skinny with lean abs and a bum to finish it off. Many girls find themselves desperate and lean into eating roughly 300 calories a day to lose weight fast. Most of the time, it doesn’t work. Bodies go into starvation mode, weight doesn’t get shed, eating disorders come out. It’s a tragedy that the image of having an ideal body may lead to so much sacrifice. In the end, is it all worth it? Girls and those struggling with body image should understand that sometimes the slower way is the better way. Eat healthy, exercise, sleep, educate yourself, talk to people. It’s that simple. Below is a video from one of my favorite fitness guru’s/ Pilates instructor, Cassey Ho. Her workouts have sparked a confidence in me that I never knew was possible to obtain.

Confidence is key.

Confidence is key.


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