Both my mom and dad have diabetes in their family’s. My dad has diabetes and my mom’s sister, brother, and mom has diabetes. If I had to do the calculations, I probably have a 99.99999 percent chance of getting diabetes. Because of this, I have been trained since I was young to watch what I eat, how much sugar I consume, how much salt, etc… I have been taught what diabetes can do to you, both short term and long term. Diabetes causes high/low blood sugar, multiple pills several times a day, and in the long run may cause you to lose both your legs, eyes, or insert insulin into your stomach every day. The amount of pills you take everyday may cause severe problems in the future, like liver failure or kidney problems. To ensure this doesn’t happen to me, my parents are stricter on us than other parents would be on sugar. Unlike other teenage girls, the first thing I look for when I am about to eat something is the grams of sugar, not the amount of fat/calories. Exercise is a must for me. That is the best way I can insure I don’t have diabetes. So, as much as I hate to exercise, it comes down to to things. Me, or Diabetes. And it will be like this for as long as I live.



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