Kids, yikes

I wrote a post about kids last year also, so you can imagine how strongly I feel about them. My main goal in life is to never have kids, and I’m not bitter about it.

I’ve never been naturally good with kids like some people are. When I went to Mexico City over spring break, I spent a lot of time with my four year old cousin, who mostly spoke Spanish to me. I may be in my fourth year of Spanish at school, but actually speaking and listening to it is completely different. So not only did I have to try to understand her high-pitched voice, but I also had to translate in my head from Spanish to English.

My four year old cousin enjoying some Mexican ice cream at the end of our trip.

My four year old cousin enjoying some Mexican ice cream at the end of our trip.

Her dad, my uncle, wanted her to practice her English, so I responded in English, but it was still pretty difficult. And at the very beginning of my trip, she was pretty wary of me. I don’t blame her, because we’d only met once before, and that was when she was less than a year old.

She had plenty of tantrums and freak outs while we were there, but luckily my mom is a pediatric nurse so she was able to help out when my aunt and uncle weren’t around. I just remember thinking that I will never have kids when she would do have one of her episodes.

Of course, there were good times, too, but after a while, not being a kid person, I would get a little sick of hanging out with someone 13 years younger than me. Kid people would say that the good times outweigh the tantrums, but for me, they don’t.

I’m not going to go around kicking kids and telling them to go away, but I don’t plan on having kids, and I think that’s the smart choice for someone who doesn’t actually like them.


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