I understand that probably more than half of the world’s population have pets. What I don’t understand is how there taken for granted. I never got how someone can come to school after there pet have died and just state it like it’s an everyday situation. Maybe if the pet was a fish or of that sorts, because I have had multiple fish and never grew attached. But cats and dogs… no way. They take a part of you because they are meant to be loved. There’s no way around it. They are the most innocent creatures to ever exist in my opinion. I have a cat and her name is Konjit (which stands for beautiful). I adopted her when I was in fourth grade and that’s when I began to understand the importance of pets. They are therapy.  Whenever I am in a dark place, Konjit finds me and curls beside my feet, letting the vibrations of her purrs soothe me down. I am always welcomed home with lots of whining meows – which annoys my mom because she only does this with me. I am the one that she follows around and naps with. I think this is so because I am the only one in this family that really treats her likes she is part of the family. I believe that animals have feelings and so they have a need to feel comforted, loved, and safe. So I try to do that even when I am really not in the mood. And in thanks, she returns the favor. I, Delina, am the sum of everybody close to me. And Konjit is a part of that. So I honestly don’t know what I would do if she dies. Because then a part of what made me me would have died too. I am fully aware of how cliche this sounds, but it’s spot on. Because Konjit isn’t just a pet to me. She’s my freind, my comforter… she’s my family.



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