Living Out Life

Two weeks back, I played “Never Have I Ever” in a group. It is a game where people go in a circle, saying “Never have a ever *insert an experience they have never done here*. If someone in the circle has done that one thing, they have to put down one finger. If a person loses all fingers, they are out of the game. I was the first to get out in the game. That was the moment when I realized that I have experienced a lot in life, and that is a good thing. Cliche to say, but life IS short. I was happy to know that I had done a lot of things in my life that many people have not done, like travel out the country. Diverse experiences are what have made high school worth the work. In the past 3 years, I’ve been able to help out those in need and the community around me. I’ve been able to start my own club at school. I’ve been able to lead groups. Sure, my GPA is not the best and I am not in the top 100 in my class. But I know from that “Never Would I Ever” game that my experiences will take me far. While others may be in their room working and studying towards that 4.6 GPA, I am out in the community talking to and assisting elderly people. I am not the smartest book-wise, but I know the experiences are more important than the knowledge and harder to come by than those in the books

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