Just Give It A Try

I had gotten some bad news a couple days ago. I was recently told that the teacher for AP Psych wasn’t going to be teaching AP Psych next year. She was going to teach in Spain for a year. To me, this seemed like bad news because she was one of my favorite teachers. I had her for World History last year and she was an amazing teacher. I signed up for AP Psych a couple weeks ago for two reasons:

  1. I was very interested in the subject.
  2. She was going to be teaching it. Well that’s what I thought.

When I found out that she wasn’t going to teach it, I was worried. I didn’t know if I still wanted to take the class if she wasn’t going to be teaching it. I debated on whether or not if I should go to my counselor and change it to something else. I was worried that the new AP Psych teacher wouldn’t prepare me for the AP test or wouldn’t teach well.

After rethinking it over and over in my head, I’ve decided to not change my class and try it out. It could end up working and I probably worried for nothing. Even though my favorite teacher isn’t teaching it, I’m going to stick with it and hope for the best. Who knows, maybe I’ll end up loving it and become a psychologist like my favorite Bones character, Dr. Lance Sweets.


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