It Happened Twice

Last Sunday when I wrote a blog post, it was about me losing my precious glasses for two periods of class but eventually I found them during lunch. It was no big deal…UNTIL IT HAPPENED AGAIN exactly A WEEK apart from each other, on Monday, March 23.

However, this time it was different. I had my glasses with me all throughout the day and wore them pretty much the whole day, except for my sixth period, my Art 1 class. It wasn’t until 7 P.M at night that I realized I needed some clarity in my life. My first thought was “OH SHXT. I’M AT HOME. MY GLASSES ARE TRAPPED SOMEWHERE IN SCHOOL RIGHT NOW..HOW MANY ACRES IS THE SCHOOL ANYWAY???!” I went into that stage of denial and reassurance over and over again. Now, I wasn’t that afraid mainly because the class I needed the glasses the most, my Precalculus class, we were having a test the next day so I knew I would survive an extra day. And then it was Wednesday…I knew I wasn’t going to be able to see the board anyway so after I got the first slide of Math notes down I was going to just doodle and do Spanish homework or SOMETHING to keep me busy and not so suspicious looking. And then it was Thursday…nothing changed that day until I arrived at my fifth period.

My history teacher asked if this pair of red glasses belonged to anyone in the class…OK right off the bat I knew it was mine, I mean who would go two and a half days without their glasses but me? For a split second I was going to confidently raise my hand and say it was mine…but I realized I couldn’t even see correctly if it was my glasses (HOW IRONIC) so I lowered my hand and said “Um..I think they’re mine..but I mean, I can’t see anything right now”, the whole class chuckled at that comment.

Being superstitious and everything, I felt like losing my glasses was a life lesson. I mean, honestly, if it wasn’t then how did I find my way back to it the second time? When you have your perfect vision, enhanced by glasses or not, you see the world and the people around you better. You start to focus more on the appearance and start to lose that real connection with someone, just because you don’t find them as attractive. Secondly, you listen better. The three days that I was without my glasses, I felt like I was able to relax and not get so caught up with everything that was going on around me. Life can be perfect even if your vision might not be.

There is beauty in the unclear. Photo@ 2012 by EladeManu (CC BY 2.0)

There is beauty in the unclear.
Photo@ 2012 by EladeManu (CC BY 2.0)


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