Father Augustino, New Light

Yesterday I went to Orange County Youth Conference with my youth group. I didn’t know what to expect of it, since it was the first year the Catholic diocese would hold such an event for the youth. Coming into the event, it seemed upbeat just like the spirit at my own church. However, my real conversion did not start until the end when a Franciscan priest by the name of Father Augustino Torres gave his talk. He is Mexican and used his race as a humor, cracking jokes right and left. He had the audience at the edge of their seats, every word he said like it was carefully scripted and fool proof of not laughing. His energy that he brought into the conversation brought life to the orthodox roots of the Roman Catholic Church. He talked as he was excited of living as a Catholic. I had never seen a priest so passionate with what he was talking about. St that moment I realized that the Catholic Church wasn’t some Orthodox religion that is solely based on a bunch of old laws and the Old Testament from the bible. There was something special about the Catholic faith; it was the spirit that was brought out from the grace of God. There should be more priests like Father Augustino.


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