High schoolers cope with a lot: school, social lives, and if you’re like me, stressful band members.


If you’re under 20, you’ve probably heard about Zayn Malik leaving One Direction on Wednesday, which just so happened to be my birthday.


Being an unapologetic One Direction fan, my world was definitely rocked when I opened up Facebook right as third period started to see a Buzzfeed headline “Zayn Malik leaves One Direction.” Of course, I didn’t believe it, so I went to Twitter and saw the release and then onto tumblr to see how the fandom was doing. Before I could get very far down my dash, however, Sr. Diecidue started class and someone reminded him that it was my birthday. They proceeded to sing Happy Birthday while I tried to breathe normally.

Zayn Malik, previously of One Direction.

Zayn Malik, previously of One Direction.


The rest of the day was a blur of “Happy Birthday!”s and “aw thank you!”s. After school, I took myself to get fro yo because I thought I deserved it. But when I got home, I ended up letting it melt while I mourned Zayn.


I spent the next couple hours telling myself to get it together and that he wasn’t dead so what was I so sad about. I have to give some credit to edits and videos on tumblr that really just stabbed my heart.


But I do think everything happens for a reason, in more ways than one. I think the experience of having my world completely shaken like that taught me a lot about how to cope with something real. I’ve cried over books and movies and TV shows, but the fact that these were real people changing their lives hit me hard.
So I hope that one day I can use my little bit of experience to help better deal with not-so-great stuff.


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