Being a Teenager

I hate it. Well… kind of hate it. Being a teenager is hard because you don’t belong to a suitable category. You are the mixture of a five-year-old kid and a fifty-year-old adult. You are so immature yet capable of setting up the rest of your life. It is completely aggravating. For example, when you go to weddings, you are placed with the children! Children! The ones who eat their catered food like they have never eaten¬†anything before in their lives. The ones that decide that spilling apple cider all over you is the funny and cool thing to do. The one that cries when you scream at them because now your dress is all messed up and you imagine a certain kind of bruise next to their eye. Or on their eye. Whichever really. Honestly, the only thing being a teenager is good for is when you use the stereotypes to help your cause. Like throwing a tantrum and blaming it on your hormones. Or stealing a car and blaming it on the effect of peer pressure has on teenagers. But off course, that never works. Want to know why? Because nothing is ever on your side when you are a teenager. Seriously think about it. If you heard about a car crash, and the person that told you about it said that the driver was a teenager, wouldn’t you automatically believe that it is their fault. Yes. Don’t deny it. Because teenagers cant drive, they are always reckless, they never see where they are going, they constantly speed, their music is always blasting, they are always driving with their friends, and the list goes on. So slowly your sympathy starts to fade and your convictions last.

Written by a very annoyed teenager.



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