New things

My freshman year of high school I joined color guard. Not necessarily because I wanted to but because my mom always told my siblings and I, that we had to get involved in something in high school. For my older siblings it was easy. My brother had been in band since fourth grade so naturally he joined the marching band in high school, and my older sister had been playing soccer since she was eight so she joined the soccer team. My mom was actually the one who suggested that I try out for color guard, and since before high school I wasn’t really involved in anything I didn’t know what else to join. But little did I know that once I joined color guard I would never look back.

Color guard has definitely not been easy but I if I had the chance I would pick it again anyway. My freshman year there were 11 freshman on the team, only 6 of us are left. That year was hard because not only was it my first year of high school but I was also trying to learn something completely new. But, at the end of that year I actually ended up getting the freshman of the year award along with one of my best friends on the team. That was when I knew that I had picked the right activity to join in high school.

My sophomore year was really good. We had one of the largest color guard teams we have had in a while with 29 members. That year we took first place at championships in the fall. Our winter season was not quite as good. We were split into two teams, which was something that our color guard had never done before. I was on varsity which was difficult at first because two of my best friends were on the junior varsity team. But, we learned to make it work. At the end of that season the junior varsity team ended up taking first in their division, and the varsity team ended up taking fifth.

My junior year so far has ended up being the best year. For starters I was given the title of sabre section leader, and it’s not captain but it’s still a leadership position so I was happy.  And once again we managed to take first place in the fall season.

While I have definitely had good and bad experiences since I joined color guard, it is one decision that I will never regret. I have made so many memories and life-long friends. I am so thankful that my mom forced me to get involved in something my freshman year, she made me step out of my comfort zone and it definitely paid off. So next time you are don’t want to take that step because it’s out of your comfort zone, go for it. It could end up being one of the best decisions you make.

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