Riding Your Fears

There was a woman who committed suicide because she was scared of being single and lonely when she turned 30 years old. The world is constantly in the dark being repressed by irrational fears. I mean, not all fears are created equal. Some are childish and somewhat cute, like being scared of bugs or height, but fears can turn deadly when the cause is internal and not external. I think it’s extremely important that you conquer your external fears, because once you do, you will realize that you are fearless and can achieve anything.

I had successfully conquered my fear of ROLLER COASTERS yesterday on March 14, 2015 (or PI DAY).

As a child, I remember I hated the Dragon Swing the most and even the most gentle baby rides I was on, I cried at least twice (I was at least five years old). I don’t recall ever being on any rides after that until I was in eighth grade for Physics Day at Knotts Berry Farm. I was so scared after seeing big rides like Supreme Scream and Ghost Rider. My friends didn’t want to go on them and I didn’t either, but we still enjoyed Knotts the rest of the day by eating and riding in bumper cars! That same year I went again with my cousins and my aunt.

Again, we still played it really safe and got on rides like Silver Bullet and Jaguar and the highest thrill ride we got on was Supreme Scream. My aunt was so winded after Montezooma’s Revenge that she even vomited afterwards. Then we walked around the Board Walk and I really wanted to get rid of my fears and ride the bigger ones but NO one wanted to do it with me and I was just too scared at the time to do it by myself. And I guess here is the right place to stop and remind you that regardless if it’s about conquering your fears or having a group of friends, you have to find the right people to help you through tough times. In that current situation where I really wanted to be BIGGER than my fears, I couldn’t do it because the people who were with me were the wrong to help me conquer my fear of roller coasters. You wouldn’t bring a deaf person to go a concert with you, would you?

I knew yesterday would be different from all the times I have been to Knotts. When I was in line for Boomerang and Xcelerator I was TERRIFIED. I’m talking I could easily bust out  two Hail Mary and maybe do 20 pushups and jog a lap around Knotts. The knotts in your stomach only tightens up the closer you get- BUT WHEN THE RIDE FINALLY TAKES OFF…you feel like you’re soaring…and the sun is blinding your sight but you don’t really care…because everything is good and everything is well…in that split second you look over to your friend and sees that they’re really enjoy the same thing you do makes the experience ten times better. Maybe falling in love with someone isn’t that much far off.

If it's scary, paint that sh*t pink.

If it’s scary, paint that sh*t pink.


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