Let It Go

Sometimes you just have to stay out of everyone’s business–even your own.

Being in high school, this can be pretty hard. Everybody’s having new relationships, new problems, new stuff that you just love to know and talk about. Every now and then, you really have to talk a break from all of it. It can be really exhausting and even annoying at a point, which is a good indicator of when to step back and tell yourself to let it all go.

Whether you do that by turning off your phone, computer, TV, whatever I think it’s actually really smart to disconnect once in a while.

Not only do I think distancing yourself from superficial problems of other people, but also distancing yourself from your own worries is equally as important.

Whether you’re stressed about your mean aunt coming to town, your upcoming math test, or the dude in your bio class, disconnecting from all of that can help you destress and maybe realize, if only for a little while, what’s important.

Worrying about inevitable things like deadlines or confrontations doesn’t actually help anyone, especially not you. You can use these worries to your advantage, as motivation to better prepare yourself. Worried about a test? Then tell yourself then you should go study. Easy peasy, right?

Procrastination AKA rewriting assignments throughout the week because I still haven't done them.

Procrastination AKA rewriting assignments throughout the week because I still haven’t done them.

Well, maybe not. I don’t think anyone’s a stranger to procrastination. You don’t actually want to study, so you put it off, worrying yourself even more in the process. If you ever really want to get everything off your chest, then you’re going to have to spend a little while disciplining yourself to get stuff done.


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