That’s Life

Today was my first weekend lab for AP Bio. We did it on a weekend because there isn’t enough time during one period to do the lab so we had to come in either Saturday or Sunday to do it. I went today, Sunday. The lab took 4 hours long. It started off well. What we basically had to do was:

1. Put the DNA samples into little tubes with enzymes to cut up the DNA.

2. Incubate it in a hot water bath for an hour.

3. Make the gel for the electrophoresis part of the lab.

4. Put the DNA samples into the gel.

5. Run the electrophoresis machine.

We did all of these steps right and we were on track to end our lab at the exact time it was intended to end. But then came along step 6:

6. Take the gel out of the electrophoresis machine and put it in a tray.

This was the downfall of our 4 hour lab. Everything we did in the past four hours came down to this and it ended horribly. What actually happened was:

6. Attempt to take the gel out of the machine, only for it to slip and fall on the table.

At first, we thought, “Oh it’s fine, it’s just slightly bent, everything’s okay we can just pick it up and put it on the tray.” But then it got worse:

The gel snapped in half.

Everyone in my group just stood there for a while trying to process what just happened. Once we processed it, we tried to pick up the two pieces and put it on the tray. In the process of picking up the first piece:

It snapped in half again.

Now not only did we break the gel once, we broke it twice. Once we finally put the gel pieces in the tray, we tried really hard in pushing them together so it looked like it was still intact. After we put the tray in a safe spot so it can sit for 24 hours, we all started laughing. We all thought, “What were the odds that we would be that group.” Nobody was angry, we just figured what’s done is done. I was the one that was laughing the most; I laughed the whole car ride home. I don’t really know why but I found the whole thing hilarious. But I guess that’s life. Sometimes you work really hard only for it to fail in the end. But it’s okay because you get a good laugh out of it. I think that if I had the choice of going back in time to change it so the gel wouldn’t break, I wouldn’t because it was freaking hilarious. Sometimes you just got to find the good things in bad situations to make everything better.

Here’s the gel just in case you guys wanted to see it



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