Instant Gratification

In this day and age, everybody like things quick. Televisions have remotes so you can instantly turn it on or change the channel. Food like Cup Noodles can be made in minutes and eaten instantly. Smart phones can be accessed no longer with the touch of a button but instead a screen. Cars are used to get place to place faster than ever. Even exercise has fallen victim to this way of being. Weight that have taken years to develop can go away in just a few months. What does this tell us about society these days? We are prey to instant gratification. We are constantly looking for ways to make our lives easier, and we think the way to do that is by making everything go faster. The mentality is, the less time I spend doing something tedious, the more time I have doing something I enjoy. The fault in this is that there will no longer be things that we enjoy if we keep this up. We are overstepping the fine line between necessity and desire. We have to get to work on time, so we buy cars that will allow us to get there. We desire to play tennis on our Wii so we don’t have to go outside. We have to have a computer so we can browse necessary information. We desire to have multiple televisions in our home. What makes things even worse is when we abuse our necessity’s and add on to our desires. We have to have a phone to communicate but we let that take over our lives by focusing solely on that for hours. We desire a television so we can relax but then spend the whole day on the couch. If this continues, life will be at its best when everything can be done sitting down. But instant gratification goes away just as fast. So what are we going to do, when there is nothing left?


(My sister Iman and her best friend (her iPod))


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