Spring Forward!

Daylight Time Savings finally happened, which means…spring is on the way!! I am so excited for this time change because living in the dark at 5 PM is tragic and waking up to an overcast sky is sad.

Here’s the thing: waking up early at 7AM is not for me. I mean obviously if it’s not a school day and I’m actually going somewhere exciting, I’m all for it, but if it’s for exercising or going to school, I am O-U-T. No matter how early I sleep, my body would feel terrible at 7AM, my eyes won’t budge open, and my senses are still floating around. 7 AM is the devil hour to me. But there’s something really beautiful about the morning when you’re at school at 6:40 AM during the fall Daylight Time Saving where everything is dark and there might be at most ten students walking around school, you feel so calm just basking in the fog of the morning, breathing in the freshest air out there because the ever so green trees have replenished the air. Just being there when no one is around, it feels nice because you have a new perspective. I felt married to the place because I was there at its worst (overly crowded) and there at its best (empty all around). I saw the changes when the sun rose and a line of people started pooling into the school. But that’s the story of 6 AM, groggy but peaceful.

As you can tell, I am no morning person. If I ever say that I am a morning person, I mean at least 9:30 AM or 10 AM even. I loved the mornings in Vietnam when the six year old me would wake up, smiling usually because I knew my dad was finally back for a visit from the U.S, that’s when I felt the most grateful. The air was chilly as it graced past my skin but within minutes of waking up the morning sun ascended into the sky and blessed me with its delightfully warm rays. Nothing is better than waking up to the smell of dark coffee grind and a touch of cigarette, my dad’s two favorite things in the morning. Fun fact, when I was in the womb my mother craved the smell of cigarettes…terrible for pregnant ladies to smell first of all, but I guess that couldn’t kill me. I guess that’s how I’ve grown to love smelling a touch of cigarettes in the morning. After a good five minutes, my parents would hurry me up to brush my teeth and comb my hair so that we would all meet my dad’s parents for breakfast in the morning. Outside our homes in Vietnam, there was a bustling marketplace, filled with fresh produce and tiny tents of restaurants all over this certain area. Everyone in this little town knew each other, but most of all everyone knew my grandparents. It was a ritual for us to go in our pajamas every morning to fill up our tummies with a good bowl of noodle soups. But that’s the story of 9 AM mornings in Vietnam.

The night life of Vietnam was spectacular because in the summer, couples and families are out enjoying each others’ companies at cafes and cute dessert restaurants. If I was at my aunts’ and uncles’ houses, it was particularly fun because we would eat and chat and watch Korean dramas. Basic things in life are so much better than living a grand life if you have the people you love around you.

Over here in the U.S, the best time is not in the morning or late at night, it’s somewhere around lunch hour to 6 PM. People would lunch together and afterwards many would go to the mall or theater to fill up the three hour gap, and finish the night enjoying dinner at six or seven pm.

Morning is delightful. Night is wonderful.

Sunset blessed my view. (photo from my instagram @queen_than)


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