Dripping Thoughts

On a rainy day like today, a typical person might think that their isn’t much to do. You cant go to the park, or to the mall, or even to the library since it’s a Sunday and all the library’s close. All there’s really left to do is either lay back and watch a movie, or cuddle with a blanket and read a book. Not that I don’t do that, off course, but sometimes instead of occupying myself with material things, I enjoy leaving myself to my thoughts. The thing about surrendering myself to my mind, is that once I do, I have no control over where it goes. Honestly, this has been happening for as long as I can remember. In middle school my teacher would complain to my parents that I am always distracted. To be fair, my teacher was’t that interesting, but surprisingly enough my parents didn’t think that was good enough of an excuse. Technically, it was my teachers fault for being boring since that led my mind to wander off. For example, I would stare at my teacher wondering how she believes that her students could possibly be paying attention when she is talking in such a monotone voice. I would stare at the tree she drew on the board and think about how most people barely give a thought about trees. How some trees grow to be hundreds of years old. How some people would give almost anything to live that long. Yet trees don’t have the capability to think and feel like humans do. Trees, in their simplistic nature don’t wish for anything. They simply be, causing no harm to achieve their nonexistent desires. Humans however… yeah we’ll do anything to get what we want. So the irony doesn’t escape me, when the trees that wish for nothing have the one thing most humans want and how the humans have the one thing that trees will never have. Its as if the more you wish for something, the more more you wish to be blessed, the less you actually get. In the midst of my thoughts, the class would go quiet and my attention would return to the scowling teacher looking down upon me.



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