More About Puppy!

My dog, Puppy, is a huge part of my life. He has changed me as a person for the better in the three years that I’ve known him. His needs, weaknesses, and personality has shaped me into the person I am today.

I have learned to take other’s into consideration ever since I got Puppy. He has special needs so most decisions I make are based on him. Puppy goes to the bathroom every four to five hours. He has a chipped tooth so he can’t eat some foods that other dogs can eat. He has to eat wet food, not dry. He needs to go to the dog park to socialize with other dogs and get his daily exercise. I had to learn how to make good decisions that met those needs.

Puppy has weaknesses that make him unique. As stated before, he has a chipped tooth so he can’t eat dry food. He’s scared of loud noises, except for sirens from the fire truck. He is scared of flying objects so he doesn’t play fetch like a normal dog. He hates getting wet so he tends to run away from sprinklers or hoses. One weakness he used to have is being afraid of people. When I first met him, I raised my hand to pet him and he flinched, as if I was going to hit him. Over time, I helped him overcome that fear. Now he isn’t afraid of people, his new weakness is that now he’s too friendly with people. My parents joke around that if a robber comes in the house, Puppy will just greet him and let the robber rob the house.

Some could say that Puppy is the perfect dog. His personality is great. He’s super friendly with everyone and always has a lot of energy. He’s very patient with people, especially kids while they toss and turn him around. He especially loves babies and toddlers. I think it’s because they’re the same size as him so he thinks that they’re one of him.

I have learned a lot from Puppy. He has influenced me in so many ways, through his needs, weaknesses, and personality. It’s only been three years and I’ve learned so much. I hope to learn more from him in the years to come.

puppy pic for blog again

photo cred: me



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