A Blarb About Huntington Beach

The Huntington City Beach is one of Southern California’s most popular tourist areas, consisting of “909’ners” to surfers, runners, lifeguards, savvy ocean swimmers, and hipster teens who self proclaim themselves beach lovers. The Huntington City Beach is a place where any type of person can find something to enjoy themselves.

 The ocean never ceases to stop waving and greeting the guests that come along. The icy cold water at 8 am are a treat to the surfers, as they dive in it feels like a whole new world. In the sea, all problems and worries are washed away as one goes with the flow.

The service road resembles the path to the middle of nowhere; it is a place that unites bikers, gym rats, and beach hamburger and fries lovers all alike. People honk on their bikes, spreading an urgency to go down the whole west coast service road. Some people walk barefoot, the cement and gravel pressing on soft feet that causes them to get a real feel for the beach. One must be careful for nails and sharp edges though, cuts are common.


The endless stairway up to the pier gives a leg workout to whoever wishes to endure a little challenge and run up and down the steps. On the pier itself, one can sense something fishy for the fishermen are hard at work and reeling in catches, big and small. Once in a while, a loud “HURAH!!” comes out from a fisherman. Families take walks with each other for breakfast at Ruby’s, the diner at the end of the pier that overlooks the vast ocean.

Little kids dig holes of big and small sizes. Once in a while, a stranger does not pay attention to where he/ she is walking and sprains his/her foot when accidentally walking into the hole. beach


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