Veganism has been popular diet throughout the world. Being vegan is the act of abstaining from any animal products and food. Many people have taken on this diet for healthier lives, to save animals, and for physical shape.
Veganism is popular upon the fitness industry, especially for yogis. Yogis, or yoga practitioners, tend to maintain lean bodies for a better balance in life and exercise. Yogis also eat carefully for a “balance” in life. Vegan foods contain no cholesterol and saturated fat. Instead, whole vegan foods contain a lot of fiber. Yogis go vegan as a way to detox, or to get rid of toxins out of the system. That may be the reason why many yogis have clear and bright complexions. Milk has a hormone that causes acne, and not drinking milk reduces acne. Milk is often substituted with soymilk and cereals for calcium. The vegan yogi approach is typically more natural than the typical vegan. While vegan may not necessarily mean healthy, yogis see it as a healthy approach. They make sure to add whole grains into their diet, fruits and veggies, and tofu and nut for protein. Vegan foods are usuallylow in calories; many people take on the diet to lose body fat, lower blood cholesterol levels, and less hyperextension. Many vegan athletes also depend on the vegan diet for increased energy and less drag in body fat. One example is Carl Lewis, a nine time Olympic gold medal track and field athlete. He claims that the year he became vegan was the year that he did the best in performance. Many people in fitness have found veganism to be a gem routine in their lifestyle.
Other than veganism benefiting those who are in the fitness field, it is also good for the environment. Beef and cattle contribute to about 70% of the world’s global warming, so going vegan would lessen the amount of global warming in the world. Global warming also means misuse of natural resources. If all natural resources were used efficiently, there would be no wars over the subject matter. The production of meat uses most of the world’s natural resources, and 55 billion animals are killed annually worldwide for animal agriculture. Many animals are abused and manipulated in factories during the production process. Many animal lovers go vegan for that reason. Vegans believe that by saving animals, they are also saving the environment; factory work would decrease in numbers. Also, with veganism being a type of animal-saving process, it would make sense that veganism reduces wars because less natural resources are used. Less resources used would be conservation, meaning the environment would benefit. In the long run, global warming in the environment will decrease and the world will last a “longer” time. Veganism can not only save animals alone, but save the planet.

Sometimes vegans take on plant-based diets.

Sometimes vegans take on plant-based diets.

No doubt, a person seeking to lose weight can find veganism an effective method. Veganism has a stricter diet, restricting more junk foods and saturated fats from meat. Although one can lose weight with a vegan diet, weight can be gained if the diet is not taken seriously. A vegan can eat non-dairy ice cream, pasta, bread, and nuts which can support weight gain. Vegans, however, generally lose weight for the most part. Many vegans pursue plant based diets. Plant based in the name itself means a diet with only fruits, legumes, and whole grains. Eating more whole foods like avocados and nuts can fill a person with fiber. The nutrients in whole foods fuel the body, giving more energy to the consumer. Eating whole foods and fibers along with exercising helps many vegans achieve weight loss and leaves them satisfied with their body figure, allowing them to fit jeans they have not been able to. Veganism is an effective method to lose weight, especially with a plant- based vegan diet.
The popularity of veganism is going strong on media, such as Instagram. If you search up “#vegan”, there are about 9.5 million (and counting posts) on that hashtag alone, not counting other vegan-related hashtags! As I looked through the feed, I saw many “#vegan” hashtags paired up with “#health”, “veggies”, “plant based” “clean eating”, “nutrition”, “raw vegan”, “gluten free”, you get the gist of it. Based off of the Instagram feeds, there is no doubt people pursue the vegan lifestyle to be healthier.


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