Stressed, depressed, but educated

I recently read an article on just how stressed and depressed students are today. The author even discussed her experiences at college where she had mental issues. Although, the article mainly focused on the colleges’ inadequacies at helping students, what interested me more was the root cause of the problem.

Teenagers, and students in general, are some of the most stressed out people there are. Not only do the endless deadlines and countless assignments, but also the expectations can stress and depress anyone.

Something I've whispered to myself countless times. Another popular one is APUSH me off a cliff.

Something I’ve whispered to myself countless times. Another popular one is “APUSH me off a cliff.”

Some teachers do try to combat this, whether by telling students before tests, “just do your best!” or assuring them that a single quiz grade isn’t going to ruin their life. The thing they don’t realize is that teenagers are extremely near-sighted.

The thought process of a teenager after getting a bad quiz grade is as follows:

-got a bad grade

-will bring down my whole grade

-bring down my GPA

-won’t get into a good college

-can’t get a good job

-will end up living under a bridge

That, at least for me, is exactly what runs through my mind. So it’s not surprising that students get so stressed and many end up severe depression. Suicide attempts during, in college and high school, are definitely not uncommon. In fact, I think every student has thought about it at one point or another.

Some adults really try to help, but counseling and trying to find ways to deal with our stress isn’t going to make our 3 projects, 2 tests, and an APUSH outline go away.

What really needs to happen is a complete remodel of the education system, but I am not completely delusional and know that this is almost completely out of the story.

So what can we do in the mean time? Providing support for students really is helpful, and if any teachers are reading this, try to ease up, for your student’s health, and for your own conscience.


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