Imagine a world where you were you can actually accomplish something with what you learned while learning it. Confusing? Its okay, I’ll explain. My whole life I have accepted the fact that school is a place where you learn from textbooks and take exams based on your memorization skills and critical thinking. You never have to actually apply what you have learned in a realistic settings. What if you were giving the opportunity to do that? What if, instead of  two semesters of textbook education, we let our selves explore our education physically and contribute what you learned. For example, if I were taking a Chemistry class, the the first semester would go to your textbook learning and in the second semester you can go to a chemistry lab and do all the things you spent weeks learning how to do. And if there was no way that we could digest a whole year worth of Chemistry in a semester, then the opportunity to apply what you learnt could be done over the summer.

And imagine, just imagine how our schools would look like. Half of the campus for studies, and the other for applications. Students would walk happy, finally understanding the importance of there classes and what they can accomplish with them. I would assume less people would drop out of collages, because more students would have a better grasp of what they want to be, so they would stop changing their major and be relived from the deficits of debt. Students will be more educated and trained to survive in the outside world. Students will have more faith. Imagine the possibilities. Learn and Do. Learn and Apply. That is what I think our future holds.



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