Crazy Dreams

I was in my Bio class today and we were in our lab groups working on a model on gene expression. While making the model, the lab group next to us was having a conversation on dreams and then my lab group started talking about dreams. Now I want to share some of the dreams I’ve had.

The first one that comes to mind was a recurring one I kept having when I was about 8 or 9 years old. It was when my mom was pregnant with my little sister. In the dream, my mom and I were walking around the neighborhood and talking when a police car stopped us. The officer started questioning us and then tried arresting my mother because she was pregnant. We started running away but, like in all dreams, my running pace seemed to be slower than my walking pace. I hate when dreams do that. The rest of the dream was spent running away from a bunch of cops that were trying to kill us until I woke up. I kept having that dream once every two weeks for a couple months. I don’t know why it kept showing up but, luckily, it eventually stopped.

Another dream that I can remember was from a month ago. In my dream, my dog, Puppy, befriended another dog who looked like Puppy’s twin. It’s practically impossible to find another dog that looks like mine because Puppy is a mix of something and something. Every doctor I’ve been to tells me something different so nobody has any idea of what he’s a mix of.

puppy dream blog again

photo cred: me

In the dream, the other dog was a girl and they had puppies. Somehow the puppies came out as adults so they all looked the same, including Puppy and Mrs. Puppy. I got really sad because I couldn’t find out which dog was my Puppy and my parents said that they wouldn’t keep all the dogs so they were going to give them away. I got scared because they might give away Puppy. I woke up crying because I thought that my parents gave away my dog instead of the actual puppies. When I woke up, I immediately went to the garage to get Puppy and bring him up to my room and hugged him like crazy.

I remember one of my dreams was about a bunch of guys dressed up as burglars chasing me to make soup out of me. Tomato soup to be exact. This was about 7 years ago. In the dream, I was at my parent’s small business and was helping them do errands. All of a sudden, four guys turned the corner and started running after me, so of course I started running in the other direction. But in my dream, I was running really slowly and the guys were running at normal speed. They eventually caught me and the next thing I know, I’m tied up in a big pot full of tomato soup. I got so scared, I woke up.

Dreams can be pretty freaky. I wake up crying from some of them sometimes or they’re so scary that I have to watch an hour of That’s So Raven to take my mind off of it. But it’s okay, because they’re just dreams, not real life.



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