Being a Dancing Queen at 17

Let’s be real. Birthdays don’t mean that much anymore, no matter how hard you try to make it feel like the best birthday ever. I remember I would get so excited for February 9th to come and how the delicious homemade food that my mom made would be assembled into an at-home buffet (just kidding, this part is still true).

Enough meet for an army. ..and the guy next door.

Enough meat for an army. ..and the guy next door.

Personally, I think it’s inevitable that traditional events lose their meaning as we get older. First of all, teenagers and adults of this generation seem to be more depressed than ever, so that is a factor.  As the world becomes more advanced, we tend to expect things to always be flashier, bigger, better, stronger, and faster. And when that expectation doesn’t add up to reality, it is DEVASTATINGLY sad and painful. Everything is so fast-paced. The calendar will always be filled with the next dentist appointment, the upcoming concert, or even attending some random chick’s quinceañera (where the only thing you’re looking forward to is seeing your spontaneous friend Juan or salsa). Society now mimics the second hand of the clock-always in constant motion but where to exactly? No one really knows. It’s sort of like going into an obstacle course after spinning in a circle ten times. You might THINK you know what you’re doing. You don’t. As you can probably guess from the title, if you know the lyrics to ABBA’s Dancing Queen, that I recently celebrated my 17th’s birthday. I’m no dancing queen, in fact I have no rhythm whatsoever. I’m not saying my birthday was a failure because it wasn’t. I got to celebrate it with my two closest cousins, Vivian and Jennifer, my parents, my sisters, grandma, and aunts. What more could someone ask for? How selfish would I be if I asked for more? It irks me when I see kids being disrespectful to their gifts they received. But I mean, birthdays are a huge deal. Some people place a lot of meanings on their birthdays because it is the only day they feel they are worth enough for people to care to even say “Happy Birthday”. But it all means nothing if the people who wish you a happy birthday are superficial beings. It seems like the anticipation for your birthday to come is more exciting than the actual day.


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