Live a Fulfilling Life God Agrees With

What you are about to read is just a few random thoughts of mine that popped up during one of the masses I attended at my church around Christmas time. I had church at 8 A.M, tired and distraught, but something the Priest was talking about got me thinking…

The mass a week before Christmas, the priest preached about the glories you would earn if you follow a path filled with righteousness and kindness. He gave examples of Noah’s Ark. I haven’t even gone to confirmation and not very knowledgeable about the Bible. However, I do remember Noah’s Ark and The Flood from English Honors 2. The story takes place after God had created men and women, who were foul and vulgar and aggressive beings that represented none of what God had expected human beings to be. He felt torn apart because he loved them dearly, but decided to wipe out his entire creation. But there was a man named Noah who lived with grace and God knows. Long story short, after the Flood, Noah, his family, and all animals are saved by God, who had foretold him about the destruction and instructed him to build an Ark. From then on, the world is repopulated. The obvious lesson is that those who live honoring God’s commandments are saved. The priest went on to give his second example: the Virgin Mary. Out of everyone, God chose Mary to be the mother of Jesus because she simply was perfect- in the life that she carried out. While I am absorbing all this information that I am already familiar with half-asleep at 8 A.M, a mini debate set up in my mind. It would be great if I didn’t sin and that I am kind, loving, and filled with generosity everyday. As terrible as it might sound, I don’t think that’s the way to live. Sure, we can believe that the world is filled with peace, but how do we truly appreciate what we are blessed in bounty with if we don’t experience a loss? How do I know happiness if I can’t comprehend solitude? In other words, a successful life is not complete without tragedy, tears, and sins. The person who suffered and conquered hell and sins and karma gain more knowledge and wisdom than someone who plays in their comfort zone, someone who doesn’t take a risk (a good risk or a stupid risk). We value old people’s wisdoms because it show that they really lived life to the fullest. Our grandparents’ stories are wild and so sinful. Sneaking out the house, disobeying the parents, having intercourse before wedlock, or even having an intimate affair. I would like to experience life for myself and to grow from my sins. Humans only learn through mistakes and hardships. I gain nothing valuable if I do endless pages of basic arithmetic, a skill already mastered, instead of challenging a more advanced course (which might involve a lot of cursing and yelling out of frustration). Virgin Mary lived a righteous life but what did she really learned?


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