Top 10 Hypes of 2014

Remember last year? Remember the things that became so popular that the internet broke? (Nope, not talking about Justin Bieber) here are the top ten widely popular subjects of 2014 (not in order)
1.) Frozen
Who can forget?
2.) Starbucks
There’s practically a drink for every season, from the refreshers to the cappuccinos.
3.) Nike
Free runs were commonly worn.
4.) Disneyland
It seems like the more expensive the tickets get, the more popular it gets.
5.) Twitter
Move aside, Instagram and Facebook! Twitter has become a faster (and more passive aggressive) way of expressing feelings and such.
6.) Apple products
Oh people and their iPhones *sigh*
7.) Hiking
Nature has made a way into the hearts of people who want to live active lifestyles.
8.) the beach
Where else?
9.) Trivia Crack
Quizzup, you there? I love both of you equally.
10.) WordPress
Thank you for reading, may your 2015 be one of multiple joys!


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