Top Ten: Entertainment!

Hey guys! So here are my top ten ____ of 2014!

Top Ten: Entertainment

  1. Bones:  Bones by far is my favorite TV show. It’s kind of like Criminal Minds but it also has a lot of science in it. I love the characters. (especially Sweets cause he’s so hot)
  2. Masterchef and Masterchef Junior:  Masterchef is so good. I love the competition and the food they make makes me hungry all the time. Masterchef Junior, I think is better. I’m so surprised that 8-13 year olds can make all that delicious food that takes a lot of technique. The newest season just premiered and I am so impressed by the kids.
  3. Criminal Minds:  I love this show. I love the drama and how the profilers get into people’s minds. It’s like Bones but it involves more of psychology. My favorite character is Dr. Reid. so hot.
  4. Big Bang Theory:  I love this show. I love how the guys interact with each other. It’s so funny. The jokes are hilarious.
  5. Sleepy Hollow:  Sleepy Hollow yaaaass. I love this show. I love the plot, how Ichabod gets into the 21st century and how he works together with Abbie to defeat the headless horsemen and other mythical creatures. It’s such a complex show but it’s sooooo good.
  6. Red Band Society:  I really like this show. It follows teenagers that suffer from different illnesses while they live in the hospital. There’s so much drama and it’s such good acting. I love the love triangle because I don’t know who I want Emma to end up with. Leo or Jordi. I don’t know which I ship more. Sadly, it got cancelled but it might make a comeback!
  7. Wattpad:  Wattpad is amazing. That is where most of my reading comes from. It is a site where anyone can post their own stories. They don’t post it all at once though. They post it chapter by chapter. If an author gets lucky, they can publish their book. I love Wattpad
  8. Youtube:  I think my favorite youtubers are the Fine Brothers and Tyler Oakley. The Fine Brothers post videos of people reacting to things. Teens React, Elders React, Youtubers React, and Kids React are some of the series they have. Tyler Oakley is such an amazing person. He is hilarious and kind and sassy and perfect. I love his videos. They never fail to make me smile.
  9. Twitter:  Twitter is one of my favorite apps. I get to follow my favorite celebrities and interact with them.
  10. Yik Yak:  Yik Yak is so fun. I get to interact with the people in a 5 mile radius of me anonymously.

yik yak

Photo cred: me

So those are my Top Ten ___. What are yours?


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