A Walk Through My Day

I just read Austin Kleon’s blog post, “Daily Rituals” and I thought “well i dont have any rituals so why not just write about a typical day for me???” So..

Getting Ready.

My mornings consist of taking off my night-time contacts, brushing my teeth, washing my face, and getting dressed. I then take my stuff and walk downstairs to put them next to my couch. My dog greets me and sits still so I can put his leash on for his morning walk. It gets pretty cold in the morning but it’s refreshing. When I get home, I eat my breakfast and go to school.

puppy walk


Photo Cred: Me


Once I get to school, I walk towards the library but I don’t go in. I join my friend at a bench outside the library and do homework that I wasn’t able to do the night before. Then the bell rings and I head to my first class of the day, Spanish. I then proceed to go through the rest of my classes: AP English, AP Bio, US History, (lunch), and Precalc Honors. By the end of the day, it’s 2:00 and I call my mom to come pick me up.

Getting Ready.. Again…

Once I get home, I head straight for the shower and after that, I eat my dinner and leave. Where to exactly?


I intern at Petco. My hours are from 4 to 7. I would walk in, greet whoever is at the register at the time, and head to the breakroom to hang my jacket up. I then go find my supervisor to see what I need to do. Usually, I have to restock so I go to the warehouse to pick up a u-boat (the heavy carts that carry the products) and drag it as hard as I can to the general area the products go. It’s pretty easy. If the area where the product is fully stocked, then I don’t have to take those out. If some were purchased, I replenish the area. On some days, I would get the Clipboard. I don’t hate the Clipboard, but I don’t necessarily like it. It is a chart of an area in the store (toys, pet care, dog food, cat food) that needs to be cleaned. Thoroughly. If I get one of those, it takes my whole shift to finish and sometimes I’m not able to finish. Sometimes, I would get to dust or do GoBacks. GoBacks are the products that customers decide NOT to buy last minute and the cashier takes them. I would then get to put the products back where they belong for other customers. Towards the end of my shift, I would get to Face. Facing is when the products get pushed to the front of the shelves so it’s easier for customers to get them. Once my shift is over, I get my jacket, say bye, and go home. I know it sounds like it’s hard but it isn’t really that hard. It’s actually pretty fun. The employees are really nice and I get to forget about all the homework I have waiting for me once I get home. Plus I get to see all the animals. It’s my favorite part of the day.


Once I get home, it’s 7:30 and I eat a snack because the last time I ate was at 3:00. I then go upstairs to do my homework. I usually focus on my Bio and English homework. By the time I finish those two subjects, it’s 11:00 and I go to bed. I do the rest of my homework in the morning by the library.

And then my day starts over. Even though my day seems busy and tiring, I like it. I learn about time management and lots of other things through my schedule. I do get stressed out sometimes when I have essays or projects that I haven’t even started yet that are due the next day but I still like my schedule, especially the internship (as you can tell by the amount of text there is in that section compared to the others).


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