Always Learning

I recently listened to a podcast of an interview of Seth Godin, in which he discusses how we are in a constant state of evolution.

Something I do agree with Godin about is the fact that we are in a constant state of evolution. Before I took the English class I’m taking now, I had been less interested in writing. Middle school persuasive essays and fact based essays for AP European History had ruined me. I accepted the rubrics my teachers provided and wrote how they told me. But now, learning countless modes and styles of essays and revising each of my essays multiple times has taught me that we really never are done learning or changing. I think once I accepted this, I let it consume me and just gave way to the fact that I have to be in a constant state of evolution, or risk never improving.

Seth Godin. Photo from

Seth Godin. Photo from

I think this also ties into Godin’s idea of learning from failure and taking a “no” as a “no for now.” I think I embody this in our peer revisions in my English class. Some people think comparing oneself to others is a recipe for failure, but I beg to differ. Being able to see the work the people around me are doing and saying, “Oh! That’s a good idea! It seems better than mine, I might try it next time!” has helped me immensely. Failing in the sense that I’m not perfect and other people are better than me will always happen (because we are constantly changing), but learning from it can only occur when you realize that you determine what gets to discourage you.

Now in order to save my ever-growing ego, let’s talk about something I think I can improve on. Like I said before, I do believe that everyone is an artist, but, unfortunately, I also think I’m one of the people that doesn’t (fully) take advantage of this or embody it. Sure, I write essays and they’re argumentative and say something but I wouldn’t consider them “art.” I think for something to truly be considered “art,” it needs to have an impact. My essays may be an expression of my thoughts and feelings about something, but I don’t think they’re very impactful. One of the girls in my group, who is an incredible writer, writes essays that I would definitely consider art. Just reading them during our peer revisions has an impact on me, and I think that’s what art is all about. In the future, I hope to be able to embody the impact aspect of “we’re all artists” more.

I recently posted my essay on feminism, which I’m working on revising. I’m trying to keep these lessons in mind as I do, in content and how I write. I’ll be sure to post the final draft and point out my revisions.


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