Pure Happiness

There has been a baby project going on in school lately. A girl in my biology class had to do it. She came in with one of those kangaroo like pouches with the baby inside. But she really needed to use the restroom so she found the nearest person she knew and handed the baby to them and left for the restroom. Everyone wanted to see what the fake baby looked like and one girl just took it and brought it to her lab table. Her and her lab group then proceeded to hold the baby up in the air, Simba style, and sing “AAAYYY ASUENAKUMBAYALAAAAA.” The whole class was laughing so hard and the funniest part was when the teacher said to do it again.

I was sitting at my group table in math class one day and one of my classmates was flirting with a guy that wasn’t in the class. They were sitting at the group table in front of mine’s. The girl from my group, Kaylee, came in the class and had to walk around the flirting teens to get to her spot. Kaylee looked at me and raised her eyebrows and said, “She’s getting some.” We laughed and I nodded to agree. I then noticed the guy’s eyebrows and told her, “Yeah, but those eyebrows tho.” She looked over and looked back at me and we just bursted out laughing. His eyebrows stood out the most because they were really bushy and they weren’t curved; they were just straight lines. She then took out two pencils and placed it over her eyebrows trying to imitate the guy and I lost it. We laughed for the rest of the time until class started. During our lesson, our teacher talked about a commercial she saw on tv and said that she was reminded of the commercial when she walked in the class. The commercial was about gingerbread men getting off the baking sheet and asking “What’d you get?” to eachother. But one of them was stuck to the sheet and yelled out “I’M STUCK!” but the others just ignored him. The class reminded her of the commercial because, “I walk in the class and I see everyone freaking out about some test from another class and,” she pointed at us, “I see these two goofballs laughing their butts off for no reason.” Kaylee and I just looked at each other and bursted out laughing again.

These are the kind of moments that I remember for a long time. The moments where it’s just pure happiness. Not the moments where I stay up until midnight doing homework. Not the times where I’m stressed out about a biology quiz that’s taking place during the next period. Not the moments when I’m freaking out about what assignments are going to be collected in math.  But the times when I’m laughing so hard that my stomach hurts for a couple minutes afterwards. Those are the moments that I want to remember in my life.


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