Memories are something that are special. Memories are part of the unbreakable bond between friends or family. Memories are something that we as people hold very dear to us because even if we never see that person again we still have the memories. A lot of people think of memories as the thoughts of a time that you hold in your head, but they can also be physical objects. One very common type of memory is a photo. In today’s society most people have cameras on their phones so we take pictures of everything. But when you look at a picture, what you see is the memories of when that picture was taken or the memory of the people in that picture. So when you see pictures on the wall at someone’s house or if they are online on that persons profile, it is like looking back at all the memories and good times that that person had, while we don’t have that emotional connection to the photos it is still like you are looking at what made that person who they are today.

So whether they are good or bad don’t forget that those memories make up your past, and who you are today.



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