Be You


No…I don’t mean the overplayed soundtrack of Frozen. But if that inspires you to eventually “let it go” then please do listen to it. And you are probably wondering why? Because I know that a lot of us went through some really tough times in 2014, or maybe you are even experiencing a bad time as we speak, and I am here for you. So your first step is to get rid of that burden and extra baggage to let the momentum slows down a little bit..have a seat…drink some hot tea…and relax.

It doesn’t seem like we ever learn our lessons, but again it’s inevitable. Humans interact. Humans exchange emotions. Humans depend on each other for survival. That’s just the basics. Human relationships are complicated, sometimes a happy one or sometimes a very cruel and unusual one. And most of the time…we gather all of our energy for that ONE person and I am talking about every second and minute of the day you just can’t stop thinking about that person. And eventually you realize that’s the only reason you can be happy. That’s not true, not very true at all. You probably have great interests in exercising or even writing or surfing or cooking or painting or watching Breaking Bad or whatever that you used to do but YOU gave that up and decided that investing time (time is money!!!) for someone that may not deserve your dedication is an excellent decision. For all I know, YOU could be having the BEST moments of your life, EVERY SINGLE DAY, having the opportunities to enjoy all the little things that make YOU happy. Know your worth. Prioritize your life. Get RID of things that don’t mean anything to you anymore, because if you don’t want to place a defined value on that item, not only will that lift off the heavy weights on your shoulders but also helps you to understand what’s important or what’s not important at the moment of your life right now. There is a time and place for everything, and yes, even those old socks NEED TO GO.

Let me put it simply: Stop putting others’ happiness over yours. I know you’re thinking that you’re doing something great (believe me, it’s amazing) but it’s also BS. At the end of the day, being selfish is a good thing. Like eating and exercising and fashion, MODERATE is the absolute key. It can be too much of a bad thing if you are too nice. If you don’t try to be nice at all, then you need to get a life check and fix yourself because the world does not revolve around you.

Over Thanksgiving Break where I had a lot of time to myself, I was thinking about all the people that I know and just the relationship and values that I share with these people. Then I got to this particular person, a crush you could say. I spent the last six months head over heels over this person, someone I’ve never talked to but was always very interested, and I

Let all good things go...eventually something else will come along your way.

Let all good things go…eventually something else will come along your way. Photo@ 2013 by Cedelros (CC BY- ND 2.0)

would just wait for the chance when we might cross paths. It just gets to a point where it is all very time consuming and almost tiring. And when I let thoughts of him go I felt very relaxed to just be me. (I’m not going to lie though my heart still races sometimes when I see him)

Overall, be happy. Don’t be overly attached to an item, a person, or a place, because once you are no longer controlled by that “thing” you’re so obsessed with, you will be able to grow spiritually. You will want to try something new for a change. Being dependent on your significant other is like trying to fit two people under an umbrella, someone is going to get wet and it will most likely be you.


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