Family Traditions

So we have finally reached that time of the year where everyone seems to have all of those family traditions that no one understands. For some reason the time around Thanksgiving and Christmas is the time when most families have their unique family traditions. I for one find it strange that for the rest of the year my family is not one of those families that follows traditions, but suddenly around the holiday season we are.

I mean I can’t explain the reasoning behind why my family eats Mexican food on Christmas Eve or cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning. I have no idea why we have to find a different place to take our family picture every year so that we can give our grandparents yet another family picture for Christmas. I don’t even know if there is a reason why we watch a movie on Thanksgiving night, Christmas night, and New Year’s Eve.

While there may or may not be a reason behind these traditions we do them every year, and we always have. I’m sure you all have your unique family traditions too, and you also might have no idea why your family does them. But, wouldn’t it be strange if one year you just didn’t do them. It’s almost like the biggest tradition is to have holiday traditions.

I mean think about these traditions are what makes your family unique. And even if you are like my family and only seem to have traditions around the holiday season, they are an important part of your family and an important part of what makes this time of year wonderful.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy your unique family traditions.



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