What did high school do to my reading?

What did high school do to my reading?
In elementary throughout middle school, I lived and laughed on books. I grew up an introverted kid and the only friends I felt myself around were books. I would read hours and hours on end every day, and the librarian knew me well because I would be back the next day for a new book. I embarked on journeys by just sitting on the couch with a book wide open.
I never knew that there would be a a day when it would become hard to read. Back then I was a mogul diamond reader, one who absorbed what she read and shared her favorite books with those who asked.
Then BAM!! High school came around. My life started to fill up with obligations, homework, friends, and stress. I was so caught up with everything that I started to withdraw from reading books daily. Days turned to months and months turned to years. I was no longer a usual at the library. I found it hard to concentrate on reading a book and understanding. When there was an assignment to read a book in English class, I found myself not being able to fully engross myself into the text. What happened?

Today in English class, we learned about the different types of readers. There’s the strain bag reader, one who reads and lets all the big chunks behind. Then there’s the sandglass, one who is happy with reading but just reads the book to get through it. Another type is the sponge reader, one who soaks in the material but does nothing about it.. no sharing, nothing. My goal is to become a mogul diamond reader, one who reads, absorbs, and shares what sticks out.
I have long parted from my young mogul diamond days when high school started. Today’s class lesson brought light to the subject I’ve been burying into a hole for almost 3 years. It’s time to start enjoying reading, no matter how hard it is. Once the stress of reading books is let go, reading can become enjoyable again. Until the day comes, the word mogul diamond reader sticks out in my mind.


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