A Little Bit About: Michelle

Hey all you beautiful people! I’m Michelle and I am the social media/web person in this group! So I manage our twitter, instagram, and layout of our blog. I get all the pictures from Melinda, our documentarian, and upload the (mostly to instagram though). Our social media sites

So a little bit about me….

  • I have a dog and his name is Puppy


Photo Cred: well.. me

  • I’m taking a vet internship class, so you can ask me anything on your pets but I won’t guarantee that I will be able to answer them and sometimes (most of the times) I may be wrong….. You’re better off asking your vet.
  • I love all kinds of music.. well.. kind of… I like classical and country to a certain extent..
  •  My favorite cereal is Lucky Charms
  • I LOVE In-N-Out
  • I read a lot of stories on Wattpad
  • I watch a lot of Youtube videos.
  • I intern at a Petco

I think that’s it. Well thanks for reading and I hope you join us on our journey on publishing our own book!


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