My Role: Intro to Melinda

Hi everyone!

My name is Melinda. Through this whole journey, I hope to take you along with us and show you the progress and struggles (one picture at a time) when six teenage girls try to write, create, and hopefully publish a book.

As you can probably tell, I am your Documentarian. It’s not that I refuse to do anything with words and letters, but pictures are just something else. I LOVE looking at different pictures, taking not-so-HD pictures on my Iphone 4S, and even capturing everybody in motion-recording videos!

I am not lying. In fact, I can tell you  that I have 2,316 photos and 36 videos in my Iphone album right now. My phone probably hates me because I have 29 camera/editing apps as well (Instagram is everything).  I also love to explore my skills by trying to draw different things. And I also took a quarter of Photoshop freshman year.

Pictures are satisfying. Speaking of pictures, that is why you will always catch me on Instagram. I do browse more than I post though, because I follow 3359 people who have way better lives than I do (but honestly I’m only 16 so you can’t expect much).  A great majority of people I follow are musicians, artists, foodies, and fashion bloggers. If you are looking for Iphone 5 or 6 quality pictures, I am not your girl. Since my phone camera quality is not amazing, I love to add a pinch of everything: filters, saturation, contrast, and brightness. Instagram is really the virtual version of Fashion Week and you’re just inspired everyday.  (Self promotion: follow me @queen_than)

Photo @2014 by Kevin Dooley [CC- by-2.0]


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