All About Claire

Hi there! My name is Claire and my job at TLC, MD is words! This means that I am  the main person in the group to deal with all things writing. Of course, we all write, but I initiate any other posts we need to make and organize the blog posts.

I really love words. Sometimes I’ll have to write something and for whatever reason everything just starts flowing and I can just write and it feels amazing. I love it and I hope that through being the words manager of TLC, MD, I can share this passion.

JK Rowling is probably the single person in my life whom I look up to the most (sorry mom). She wrote the incredible Harry Potter books, a huge part of my life which you will see more of later, and, in the past few years, has gracefully transitioned into an adult and mystery novel author. This versatility, along with her tireless advocacy for human rights, is what makes her such an amazing role model to me. She inspires me to just keep working no matter what’s going on and to keep writing no matter what people say. She’s said in past interviews that Harry Potter wouldn’t have been written if it wasn’t for welfare, because she was living off of it while she wrote at the beginning of her career. I think this perfectly displays her strong sense of determination and persistence, which I strive to embody.

Talk soon!



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